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Paralysis of legs.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by brentmoses1992, May 11, 2010.

  1. Sometimes when I get high if Im laying down with my back propped up and listening to some very trippy music it feels like my legs weigh like 2000 pounds and like they are not part of my body. it feels super cool and after that I usually try to get my upper body to do it to but it doesnt seem to work lol. So yeah does anybody do this/ try to trip themselves out as much as possible?
  2. That's sleep paralysis setting on. You can do it sober too. Just lie still with eyes closed and on't move at all after about 10 mins you can feel a feeling in your legs that is you brain testing to see if you are asleep, the feeling will work up your body and eventually your brain will release the chemical to make dreams and you'll have an awesome time.

    I first did it high to dark sid eof the moon, at "on the run" I was seeing all kinds of flashing colours in my mind.
  3. It could be what karmatix described, but it really just sounds like a normal side effect of smoking a strong indica to me. I know the feeling you're describing, it's like your legs are just incredibly heavy and you don't want to move at all, for anything. This is one of the symptoms of the "couch-lock" type of high that generally comes with heavily indica-dominant strains.
  4. Had that feeling on my birthday a few weeks ago... which btw is 4-20. Got so messed up, highest I've ever been. I felt I had no feet it seemed, and legs weighed a ton. Didn't want to move for like 2 hrs.

    Didn't try to do this on purpose, but it's happened to many people.

  5. That chemical would be DMT :D

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