Parallel Universes

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  1. This completely mind fucked the shit out of me. Wow.

    [ame=]The Universe - Multiverse Parallel Universes / Full Documentary HD - YouTube[/ame]

    It makes me feel so small and irrelevant... like we don't even matter.
  2. Wooowww, that's Crazy.
  3. [quote name='"n00baphobia"']This completely mind fucked the shit out of me. Wow.

    Video Link:

    It makes me feel so small and irrelevant... like we don't even matter.[/quote]

    We are small and insignificant and we definitely don't matter, at least compared to the greater scheme of things.
  4. It's STILL blowing my mind about how small we really are if the whole Level 4 parallel universe thing is true. Just big membranes colliding, making big bangs all the time. That would be literally insane... I don't know what I believe in anymore.. hahah
  5. believe in the fact that when you look up there are stars and that smoking weed is fun
  6. I don't believe that there are copies of us specifically. I believe in other earths, or earth like planets, but not copies of us. That would mean the entire "multiverse" is comprised of us specifically... which is just stupid.
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    I believe in them, and weed is most definitely fun. But what really boggles my mind is that there are so many, and some of the star's light hasn't even reached our eyes yet. So the universe may in fact actually be infinite.

    Well I don't think that if in fact there are parallel universes or a multiverse, it would solely consist of copies of us or our planet. There would definitely be universes, planets, plants, creatures, and microbes that we have never seen or don't exist in our universe. But the only reason that I believe there are other universes that are similar or are copies of our universe is because if the universe were to be infinite, then the mathematically the odds of there being copies of us exist.
  8. I don't believe in parallel universes or the multiverse. To me, it's just a convenient fix addressing the mathematical problems in combining the theory of relativity with quantum physics (i.e. the grand unified theory). I've read a few of Michio Kaku's books (he's one of the biggest advocates of parallel dimensions) and I think the man is brilliant, but my personal belief is that things in the universe don't have to be mathematically consistent to be the truth. I think there is much the human mind isn't capable of understanding.
  9. Hopefully one universe got it right
  10. Hopefully in one universe I'm the owner of a 1 pound plant
  11. last night i went into another dimension of black cartoon people who were very loving thanks to some DiMiTri
  12. If there's a multiverse ...


  13. As long as you matter to yourself and the people that you love....nothing else really matters...

    Enjoy life..its over before you know it...:smoke: ...not saying that those ideas arent amazing and fun to think about baked,..hah

  14. KIngdom Hearts ftw! ....only those shadow figures werent so

  15. Words to live by:smoke:
  16. if you think the whole branes multiverse concept is "mind blowing", you aren't ready for the theory that states EVERY choice you make creates an entirely new universe. look! another universe was just created where i put an exclamation point on the last sentence!

    i say that theory is totally hooey! it's inefficient.

    just the scale of the KNOWN universe is boggling enough!

    just our milky way alone... (a TINY SPECK in the greater scheme of things!) is 100,000 light years in diameter! that means, if you could travel at the speed of light (186282 miles per second), it would take you 100k years to get to the other side! feeling small yet? you really should try and go some place with a clear enough sky that you can see the milky way. i saw it once on a chilly summer night in my teens and it blew my mind. just looking at THAT gave my mind a frame of reference as to just how big THAT is and then imagining it being just a TINY grain of sand on a really big beach was a great WOW! moment.

    the known universe is 14 BILLION light years in diameter. i personally think that THAT'S just a small corner in an even LARGER universe full of hungry black holes waiting for their chance to big bang.

    OK... now if your mind isn't reeling yet at the scale of it all... try and wrap your mind around the concept of NOTHINGNESS! imagine nothing existing, not the universe or even time & space! LOL

    have fun with that
  17. The idea that every choice a conscious being makes creates a universe is a very messy situation because where do you divide the line for consciousness?

    do we have universes created by dolphins or monkeys? how about even a dog?

    so it just really doesn't seem likely. Its more that subatomic particles can be in different places at once and each of those possibliities creates a universe.
  18. that's my point... there would literally have to be an infinite number of universes. as when, say just ONE alternative universe is created out of this reply here, when there are virtually an infinite number of possibilities for typos & sneezing etc., but then that new universe would then spawn all of the possibilities for everything within it happening, even a roomfull of monkeys typing shakespeare on their first try. LOL

    it's a messy inefficient theory that amounts to "because i think it, it must be possible" like the bogus argument that if you could build a time machine that could go backwards in time, you could never go back to BEFORE someone fucking thought it up like there's some invisible barrier around our thoughts.

    don't get me started on all of the crazy shit in philosophy. LOL
  19. The reality of this hit me hard. My heart sank into my stomach, almost literally. Mind-blowing stuff. :cool::smoke:
  20. i STILL can't imagine absolute nothingness. there's always empty SPACE.

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