Parallel Universes

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  1. So it is said that in theory there are infinite parallel universes in which every possible thing that could happen does happen, just in different infinite universes. It all happens in the same space, just different time and actions. Each action we make creates a butterfly effect and creates a reaction and truly differs what we will experience out of this great thing called life.

    So, is it possible to say that the reality in which we currently reside in is just one universe, one version of ourselves allowing the universe to experience itself through us, or is it something greater than that?

    Is it possible that we chose which segments to take out of each parallel universe to make up the life in which we live which creates a universe in itself?

    No matter how different all the universes are, they are all just modifications of each other. Their likenesses are greater than their differences.
  2. There is a reality exactly like ours, except a single blade of grass in a field in South Africa is a fraction of a millimeter wider in breadth.

    There is also a reality where the sky is purple, we all have one eye, no legs, can fly by using our steam glands to control the heat of the gas surrounding our atmosphere, and the earth is a pyramid shaped planet, and the western hemisphere of the planet is 2 dimensional.

    There are infinite more parallel universe with variations less than these, and more than these.

    I want to know whose the version of me on top of all those parallel versions of me...
  3. Theories are just that- theories. Especially these quantum-hi-fi ones, infinite dimensions, infinite universes. All perfectly possible. We will never know. Anything is possible, these are just one of the things within those possibilities. We get so into them only because they are cool and mind blowing.

    Something like ED TV where everything is staged for you is possible. Its possible that you are in a coma and dreaming all this up. Its possible that everything is free will. Its possible that everything is pre-destined.

    Theorizing like this, in my opinion, is simply a waste of time. Its fun, its a passtime, but taking it seriously is throwing it out of context and blowing it out of proportion.
  4. [quote name='Androgenicx'] Its possible that you are in a coma and dreaming all this up. quote]
    idk why but i actually do sometimes think maybe i am in a coma and this a dream and i will wake up one day. lol
  5. Totality is singularity. Parallel is infinitely orthogonal.
  6. I believe that trying to grasp the concepts of space and time are all kinds of fruitless work. You usually only succeed in making yourself more confused, or blow your mind out if you truly believe they are real. I like to just think of the time and space I am living in as my own... they are my experiences, my thoughts, my love, my world. I think the most interesting aspect of this world is the interactions between "our universes" (what we consider to be a part of us) aka socializing. Its all in the mind so don't let it get a head of you..... so you best MINDyourHEAD!

    STAY UP!

  7. Yes I've heard of this theory too.

    There is a universe where instead of blacks as slaves they were whites and it was just the other day (November) when the first white president was elected.

    Another where the Indians pilaged Europe and raped the women

    Another where smoking tobacco gets you high and smoking marijuana only gives you a buzz

    Another where eating crayons gives you vitamin A

    Another where farting smells like roses

    Another where it was dogs that first landed on the moon

    Another where Anime is hated by much of the younger masses

    Another where people think the hottest women are what we consider to be the ugliest women here

    Another where the brain is located in your butt

    Another where laughing causes people to have a heart attack and die

    Another where a meteor destroys this same earth tommorow

    The list goes on, be creative

    Here is the wikipedia article

    Intriguing human theory it is :)
  8. smoke some 20x salvia out of a 4 ft bong and you will go to the parallel universes my friend.
  9. Truth

  10. Truth.

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