parallel parking game- try and beat my score

Discussion in 'General' started by popsson, May 31, 2006.

  1. a long time ago i was hooked on that game for about a week....i got so damn good...i think i probably destroyed your score but i really dun remember exactly
  2. same here [​IMG]
  3. u kicked my ass lol
  4. I played for 5 minutes and still no results.



  5. hahaha rasta

    it took me a few minutes to figure it out. i have no idea how he got 141 something. my numbers were all negative

    ADD: smoke some extra for me then. still got a little more than a week before i can toke again
  6. Haha i'm not even high either!

    hmmm... maybe that's my problem... i'll be back...
  7. im high on nutmeg... i dont know if that counts though.

    i started playing earlier today. like around 6.. since then ive become pro.
  8. I'm a feind for Tetris... does that count?
  9. old school
  10. This game is a blast, I am getting good scores but haven't a clue how to prove it. :p
  11. click on print screen when your score is up

    then go into Paint or something and hit Paste. then you can upload that onto putfile or something and show us your skills
  12. i press the print screen button, then open paint and press ctrl+ V.

    save the image and upload.
  13. i thought i had it at 1 minute but icouldnt get it and quit
  14. This game was fun and my high score is 39.59 and time 12:63. I right clicked on the screen and tried the print and my screen froze, my computer makes me feel dumb.:( It said said something about errors in server cups, ah well awesome game!
  15. haha i got the highest score i think

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  16. Second go.

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  17. Werd
  18. Wow I am the master at most game but that one..... I'll stick to CZ a cap people off rather than parallel park witch I might add I suck at in Real life :smoking:

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