Parallel Dimensions, Your Take?

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  1. Do you believe in parallel dimensions?

    Do you believe we can bridge the gap between dimensions? This brings up an interesting topic. Do you believe that certain psychedelic drugs can make one come to a realization of different dimensions? And if so, shouldn't there be a possible way to "jump" from one to another (use of drugs or not)?

    And finally, the actual poll question (although there is more to this thread than just this question): Do you believe in an infinite universe, or in a multiverse?

    I personally believe in parallel dimensions. I believe that it is possible to bridge the gap that divides them, but it is impossible to do so for a long period of time. I believe some everyday occurrences are a result of parallel dimensions, such as Déjà Vu. I also feel that some psychedelic drugs can help induce realization and transportation of and into parallel dimensions. Perhaps parallel dimensions are individual to each person, and that you may be living in different dimensions during different points of your life. I believe in a multiverse. This is an open-ended discussion, but please be courteous. I can't wait to hear your responses.
  2. What if we believe in infinite multiverses?
  3. :D

    That's about like asking the Pope if he believes in God and Satan.
  4. How so?

    If the Pope believes in God, he should believe in Satan, they are both in the Bible.

    Both theories can co-exist peacefully. If our Universe is infinitely expanding, other Universes could also be infinitely expanding in their own dimensions, if that is to say, other Universes actually exist.
  5. Ahh the internet. So hard to convey what one really means without expounding. What I meant was if you were to ask a person who believes in a multi-verse it would be the equivalent of asking the Pope if he believes in God and Satan.

    As an astronomer I believe in multiple universes. If one universe can exist, then why not another universe? Or another? Or millions? Why should we be the only ones to have a "known universe" when there could be a race of people in another universe that is their "known universe"?

    You can get waaaay out there on this subject. I have on more occasions than I can recall. It's fun blowing people's minds with this shit. Especially under the influence of some good herb, mushies or doses. Peyote? Forget about it. On Peyote you are the known universe!
  6. Tarrence McKenna.
    The motherfucker is crazy as shit, but he has a lot to say about this topic.
    I am a multiverse fan, I believe in jumping the dimentions, and I have tried astral projection, it went better then expected, I saw some interesting stuff in my trance state =]

    I think people should really do more mind expanding in this area, I want to try to repeat Tarrence Mckenna's Amazon experiment (Banisteriopsis caapi + mushrooms)
  7. I used to believe we can jump in and out of all of these parallel universes at any point in our life.

    What creates those black holes and where does matter through a black hole go?

    How does matter, with a snap of a finger, just disappear? Where does it go? Will it one day happen to us all?
  8. I believe that there are many inhabited planets such as our own, far, far away in other universes. They're probably wondering the same thing we are.

    However, I do not think that parallel dimensions exist. It's just my opinion though, I'm a realist--so that's a given--although, Deja Vu would suggest otherwise. Maybe it's just coincidence?

  9. Your thinking a little too big dude, there's only one universe... Universe is meant to mean all of everything.

    Infinite universe is the theory that the universe never ends, it just keeps going forever.

    Life in other galaxies is impossible to deny IMO.
  10. Shit, good lookin out. I was referring to galaxies. :smoke:
  11. This is my one of my favorite scientific subjects, it gives you an idea of how massive and infinite reality is. The thought of an infinite amount of parallel dimensions that form from the things that have happened in another is a mind-blowing thing to think about.

    I really got interested after I was on 4 hits of acid and watched a history channel show about parallel universes.

    The only problem I have is that it's a very absract theory and would be very difficult to prove it with physical evidence other than atoms shifting around, so it is very hard to understand exactly how the theory really works.
  12. One universe. In my eyes there can't possibly be more than one universe, since uni means one. I believe there may be other realms (if that is what you want to call it) but I believe that the universe as a whole is everything and contains everything and there is nothing outside of our universe.
  13. multiverse.

    isnt it proven that there are 13 dimensions, and that we are in the 4th..

    dmt is my wormhole ;)

  14. Agreed. If you wikipedia the universe, the amounts of galaxies and possibilities of intelligent life in astronomical. If you add to non-intelligent universeses, it seems that there's got to be other dimensions we haven't found. I agree that taking lsd, Shrooms, and etc... can help the trained user enter these dimensions. The subconscious is allowed to open, and thus enters other thoughts/dimesnsions. Spaz believes that if you can just chill and relax in nature, it opens you up- a lot. Opens ya mind, heart and soul, and that's something no one can take away from ya.
  15. an infinite multi-verse is a simple idea, each multi-verse is contained in a similar way that we perceive the universe is contain, but instead of galaxies floating around, its universes, and each multi-verse is contained in a similar way with the multiverses floating around.

    its like when you look into a mirrior with another mirror behind you, it goes on forever but with uni- and multi-verses
  16. For sure man your deep man, deep. I am totally into it ALL, astral projection and everything no joke. not that big into but man. all that shit is sooo fuckin true. just everything man.

    haha live your own life and be your own god.

    there are aspects of god in all living beings in one shape or another.
  17. You just blew my fvcking mind
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    Parallel dimensions? Wouldn't all dimensions be parallel since one who is living in the higher dimensions can't live without them? I know we can't live without the first and second, but we don't exist solely in those dimensions. First, second, third, fourth, fifth, and so on...wouldn't they all be next to each other? Are you talking about parallel universes? Because that's a different concept.

    I don't believe that we can ever bridge the gap between dimensions. Our brains cannot comprehend such a feat even for a fraction of a second. It would be like talking to Pac-Man trying to get him to understand what a cube is. He only knows and understand flat planes, since he is two dimensional.

    I favor the infinite multi-verse theory, I like to keep my options open lol.

  19. THIS!!! :cool:

  20. I agree completely. I feel it is impossible to convey in our minds. Also I believe that each and every person believes and visualizes something different, and that there are no words in the English language or otherwise that describes our thoughts. It's almost a transcendentalist theory, finding the answer and truth in yourself.

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