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Paradise Seeds Wappa Smoke Report

Discussion in 'Smoke Reports' started by rhapsodyrcks, Mar 7, 2012.

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    Strain: Paradise Seeds Wappa

    Genetics: Indica; other then that unknown. Paradise Seeds generally does not revel the line of the plant.

    Height: Exactly as the breeder says about two feet when forced to flower at 1.

    Medium: 3 gallon Airpot, Fox Farms Ocean Soil.

    Nutes: Advanced Nutrients Sensi Grow/Bloom A/B, Advanced Nutrients Big Bud and Bud Candy. Bontanicare Cal Mag. Oh and Superthrive which I have no idea if it works. Id squirt 3 or 4 drops in every watering.

    Light: 240w Blackstar LED Panel for veg and 1 month of flowering. 2nd month of flowering under California Lightworks Solarstorm 800w 5 watt LED Diodes, T8 UV-B lighting. (I did not have the Solarstorm for the 1st 2 months.)

    Flower time: 8 weeks

    Yield: 1.8 oz dry

    Smell: A soft fruity smell. Nothing harsh at all.

    Smoke: Very smooth with a nice fruit taste. Not sure which just fruity tasting. Very pleasant.

    High: Exactly as Paradise Seeds describes...A pure indica with no couchlock effect. Its a active happy cerebral high. Very good day time smoke. Not sleepy in anyway using it. I feel very perceptive and have a feeling of euphoria. One of the better smokes in my opinion. Highly recommended

    Comments: A great grow...was effortless. Huge center cola and nice big fat dense nuggets on the sides. Hardly any odor to it making it great for people concerned about that. I received this seed as a freebie and will be growing many more of these in my next grow. It has all the qualities growth wise, and smoke wise that I like.


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  2. :wave: Awesome, Wappa has been my biggest yeilding strain so far.

    Can get amazing yeilds under a 600w HPS even with other plants in there forget BigBud :smoke:

  3. I find Big Bud works. Not that expensive so I will keep using it. Ive been getting awesome yields off all my plants under my LED panel.
  4. Thanks for the report, I have a Wappa in the 8th week of flower right now. Did the leaves on your Wappa start turning lime green/yellow pretty early in flower? This happened to me, and I also had a lot of leaves die off as well. More than any of my other plants.

  5. Not to many leaves if any fell off that I can remember. They did start turning yellow when I harvested. Not heavily but had a bleaching yellow look
  6. Wow really? Ill have to see what my yield is, but I must've been doing something wrong haha. I will definitely be trying this strain again. Have you tried Paradise Seeds Acid and Nebula?
  7. Thanks a lot for this smoke report Dude!

    I got this one as a freebie too and was wondering what it's like! As of now though my Confidential Cheese and OG Kush are filling my Indica slots, but if there's room in the future I might replace something else with this Wappa.


  8. I actually had two of those in flowering and I gave them to a friend recently since I am moving. I will try again at my new place. I def am sold on Paradise seeds though awesome genetics great smoke at least Wappa. I plan on making Wappa a regular thing I grow. Perhaps Nebula as well.
  9. You should definitely try them again. I actually did way better with Nebula and Acid than I did with Wappa, you won't be disappointed. I agree, Im sold on Paradise seeds.
  10. Whooot whoot Paradise Seeds put pics of the Wappa I grew that the bud for this report came from. Last two pics in the Seed catagory.

    Gallery Paradise Seeds
  11. Awesome man! Your buds ended up fat. One more quick question for you. Today is day 60 for the Wappa I have, but still seem to have a good amount of white hairs. Did your Wappa have a good amount of white hairs when you chopped?

  12. She was mostly amber. Just wait it out some. No two plants are the same really.
  13. Very Nice review @Op though the grow didnt harvest a whole lot the big fat dense nugs are sure nice though.
  14. was that 3.1 ounces dry?

  15. About that...was a while ago that I posted this so cant recall exactly never wrote it down.
  16. i have one outside that i topped at tha 4th node,its 4ft tall now,leaves turned a lime green recently "just before flower"

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