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  1. would it be a good idea to take a crushed up pill and put it in like cookie dough or something to swallow?
  2. Most people I talk to use a bit of toilet tissue (unused, of course.)

    Cookie dough DOES sound much more delicious though!
  3. Yeah I've done the napkin trick, but cookie dough would be even better.
  4. hehe, i could but no way, swallowing toilet paper would make me feel like a fiend
  5. Dude just take a small 1"x1" square of tissure, put the pill powder on it, twist it up and swallow it. It ends up pretty small.

    You could always take a shot glass and put some OJ in it with the powder and drink it. It will help some drugs hit you harder and it will make it a lot easier than tissue.
  6. simply wrap crushed power on a flat peice of cookie dough and wrap it around the power. but with the napkin you just twist it until it will go no further?

  7. Man if you have cookie dough i would def be using that instead haha. If your stomach is pretty empty just take a dime or quarter size piece of cookie dough and powder it up lol. than down it. YUM.

  8. i like my tp brown and stinky like when i parachute ;) haha sorry im half asleep waiting to leave for my first class of the day and when i read it i just had to type that

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