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pappa's poppies are ready to be popped!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by NuBBiN, Jul 10, 2002.

  1. HAHA! opium poppies have begun flowering....after a few days after the petals have fallen off they'll be ready for harvesting!!!!!......dont take me for a junky...I purposely only smoke my own homegrown opium, because its only a big enough yield to get me around 5 or 6 highs, but then I run out and have to wait another (atleast) 6 months...but the time has come and Im very excited!
  2. Nice nice nice

    what does an opium high feel like??

    Congrats man

    *god I'm scared of your avatar*

  3. ahh...I dont have time to do one of my usual trip report epic tales right at this moment, but ill tell you its very dreamy..its very similar to a strong marijuana high but its completely different at the same time....Its much more body than it is mental...and then afterwards all you want to do is sleep...sleep....sleep....after a couple days you get a small hangover, but its not necessarily a bad feeling like an alcoholic hangover, its more of a burnt out feeling, you just feel kinda of good, and buzzed and dreamy....after a few more days of sleeping I want to eat and go back to sleep.... Basically, a breezy summer evening is the perfect time to take it, because afterwards you'll want to go to bed, and if you have a week of free time on your hands you can just lay back and smoke some bowls after the next few days... But the stuff is terrible for your body if taken on a frequent basis, and it actually takes a long time for your body to grow a physical dependence to it, what keeps the people using it is pure mental just feels so good....
  4. i've always wanted to grow poppies but i don't know the first thing about it, were to get seeds or how to harvest... does anyone know of any sites i could go to for some info.
  5. well, the seeds are the only part of the plant that dont contain morphine alkaloids, so in the US its legal to have them....I know in oregon its legal to grow them too, aslong as you leave the damn pods alone....But just search around...go to erowid and look for links to shops that sell them..hell, I got my last batch of seeds from a local garden shop....Just go into some shops and look around for papaver somniferum usually called "opium poppy" or "mawseed" could try buying the seeds in major bulk at some sort of culinary website..because opium poppies are the type used in muffins and bagels (hence, people failing drug tests after eating them)....or if you're really desperate you can email me and we could go about finding a way to mail you some..
  6. yeah, opiums the type of thing i would do only if i grew it. way to expensive. 35$ a gram. how long is the high?
  7. its about 2 or 3 hours...a little shorter than bud..but the comedown is so gradual you dont notice your coming down until you basically wake up in the has a way of combining my reality with my dream state as I come down, so I never quite know if im 'normal' until the next moring when Ive had a good nights rest
  8. Actually BTW, I got a nice fat seed pod that had already dropped its petals a few days ago and I did some test incisions in it and it was oozing perfectly, I was too lazy to try and meticulousely scrape off the crusty crap, so I took it to a friends and we smoked it in a bowl just to test it usually takes the latex from about 5 to 10 pods to get a decent clump of opium, but I could still get the familiar buzz by sharing one of the pods with my friend...also, this batch im growing is looking very promising, because the whole plant has alkaloids in it, the pods are just the largest percentage, but the plants are potent enough that when I tore a leaf in half to test it, the tips of the leaf started to ooz minute amounts of white juice, so hopefully Ill be able to use the whole garden's worth of 'shrubbery' by drying it and using it in a tea or try extracting the opium chemically...
  9. Dude, im totally unfamiliar with opium, how do you harvest it?
  10. i'm going to spend some time looking up some sites about it and if i don't really find anything i can trust i'll email ya. this is something i'd like to try. can you clone the plants? hey and if you do end up sending me some seeds do you have any saliva seeds you could spare too? sorry for asking for so much but thats something i'm really interested in too.
  11. Opium poppies are about one foot to 2 feet tall with giant bulbs on the tips...the bulbs will flower and after about a week the petals will wilt and fall off...leaving behind another bulb which is actually the premature seed pod. If you were to leave the plant alone the pod would grow in size for about another ten days and then split open scattering about 1 to 10 thousand little poppy seeds...but to harvest, you wait about two days after the petals have fallen off and then take a sharp blade and make small millimeter deep cuts either vertically several times all around the plant, or one horizontal cut that circles completely around the circumference of the pod...out will ooz a white milky latex substance, and at this point you can tell if its ripe for harvest by the consistency of the latex..if its too watery, it wont be thick enough to collect and its too early, if its not oozing freely then it might have been too long and the potency will have declined...after youve cut the plants, and the latex oozes out, you let it sit for a day...over a period of about 24 hours the milky white ooz will begin to coagulate and oxidate turning it to a dark brown and then to the trademark opium black color....this is the time to take something such as a butter knifeand scrape off the latex and collect it in a ball....this is the crude opium which will further mature into a hash consistency which then can be stored safely for a long time....this crude opium can be chemically extracted into things such as heroin, morphine etc. but that shit is crossing the line IMO....My advice would be to go to either and go to the opiates vault and then from there go to the opim vault to read a very good small guide to basics f opium, and how to cultivate it...or go to and ask questions or read up in their forum....its a great source of info just like grasscity is for bud...

    BTW overgrowray I replied to your email....
  12. Overgrowray..i mailed them today on my way to a friends house....not quite sure how long it'll take to get to you in PA but let me know when(and if) you get them....(I put about five stamps on it to make sure it would get to you in one piece...)
  13. Hello all. I was wondering if you pick the opium poppy when the seed pods are ripe and then leak the juices or if you leave the poppy in the ground and leak the juices from it.
    Also, how does one go about raising or lowering Ph level in soil?
    thanks all,
    reefer cat

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  14. reefer...You can do alot of things...the common method is to just leave the poppies in the ground and early in the morning or late at night(middle of day will lower your yield) scrape the poppies...wait about 12 hours and then come back and take the latex off.....but what you can also do is come back (after you've sliced the pods and harvested your opium) and tear a leaf in half(one of the nice dark green/grey ones on the top..not the lower yellow ones, because they turn yellow once the potency decreases to almost zero)...if you're lucky and have a small amount of latex that oozes out of the tips of the leaf where you ripped it, go ahead and tear up the whole plant(root included)...and dry it out and then grind it up into a fine powder....with this powder you can do SHIT LOADS of can make different opium teas (which are VERY effective) by using one part grounds, one part water, one part hard liquor, and alot of lemon juice...this stuff might taste a little wretched, but about 15 minutes later you wont give a can also make poppy putty, whch can be described as a sort of less potent form of opium....

    Take all the grounds(hopefully atleast several cups full), mix it with enough water in a large pan to submerge the stuff...add about a cup of alcohol(everclear,vodka etc.) and then either a large amount of lemon juice, or vinegar or both. The water helps extract the morphine which in its crude form(with vegitable acids in it) its highly soluble in water...The alcohol extracts any remaining morphine and many other lesser alkaloids, and the same thing goes with the vinegar/lemon juice, which helps release the other alkloids.

    Simmer this batch of crud(dont boil it, temperatures around or higher than about 200 degrees farenheit can destroy a large amount of alkaloids)....While this simmers, gently stir the mixture to make sure all of the powder is being mixed in enough, whatever pieces of grounds that are still floating on the top need to be soaked longer, so dont stop simmering until all grounds are at the bottom on their own. This mixture should start to turn a black/brown mucky color, after you're done simmering take the mixture and filterit through a cheese cloth(Ive also heard using pantyhose works well with finely ground parts too)....take the liquid and pour into a glass pan and then let it sit in a dark cool ventilated place until all (or most) of the liquid has evaporated, the left over gunk is your opium putty...scrape the pan and collect this gunk in a roled up ball...over time, just like opium that you scraped from the pods, this gunk will get darkwer in color and a little harder....this stuff cant be smoked very well, but if you roll a small ball out of a piece of it and swallow it like a pill, you should be feeling it in no time.....just be careful and start small..VERY can always put more in, but you cant easily take it out...and its not cool ODing on opium, and its not that hard either.
  15. Thanks for all the info Nubbin. Poppy gardening seems like the right hobby to pick up.
  16. definately!..poppies are great!...just make sure you dont let it get out of hand, a small personal garden is usually enough to supply a single person with just enough opium to have a decent high about once every month.

    Another thing I just remembered that you can also do, is when you slice the poppies, instad of letting the latex dry on the pod, use a cigarette or a joint to wipe the opium latex off and then let it dry on the J or this a couple times with about three to five pods and you should have enough to get a pretty nice buzzed off of it.

    But one of the most important things to remember is that when you do your slices, slice as lightly as possible and try to just open the outer skin..if yo cut too deep the opium will ooz inward into the seed chamber and then you'll waste all of your yield and you'll have to find another way of getting the latex out of the inside of the pod.
  17. Thanks again. I'm not exactly sure how many poppies constitute a personal garden.... but I'll figure it out. Maybe if the garden gets too big I can jump through a wormhole in the quantum foam and be transported to an alternate multiverse where I haven't planted the seeds yet, kill my doppleganger and then take his place... sorry, I'm baked and reading too much
  18. thanks again NuBBiN, i'll tell you when i get them. Yeah i wanna try growing a lot of diffrent stuff. I don't really have a good strain of weed yet ether, i don't like buying from sites and i never have cash. I'm trying to get a clone from a 10 yr old mother plant right now, i hope i get it, the high's great. I can't wait till i move out of my parents place, i need more room to grow. My neighbor got sick then sent away to a old folks home and they won't let him out ever, and i think i'm going clean up his yard a bit and put my poppys in a little garden infront of his trailer. His place is far off from the road, the only people that can see it is us. So how many plants do you think i should plant for just a high or two a month. Other people that live with me will smoke a little too so i uno i'll figure it out.
  19. ...well Things were going great and I had some monstrous poppies flowering and then leaving behind fat pods ripe for the milking. I got about a pea sized ball worth of opium by milking my garden pods..but then Wolly, my new dog thats only 12 weeks old got outside and trampled my whole poppy garden.... I didn't find it until later that night whenI went to go check on them. I decided the only way I was going to get my full yield was to extract this shit chemically.

    so I tore up the dead poppies, stems, leaves, roots everything and then kept tearing up the other poppies as they got to the point of high potency. I dried all of this and ended up with a shit load of dried poppy stalk and I put this all in the blender (along with about 1 quarter ounce worth of marijuana a small baggy of salvia leaves I had lying around) and ground it up into a very fine powder, which gave me easily at least 10 cups.

    I added two cups of vodka, one cup of white vinegar, 5 cups of water and a 1/4 cup of real lemon juice into a giant container and let it sit for two days in a cool dark place. I then took the whole mixture and simmered it at about 150 degrees Farenheit for two hours. I strained the liquid out and put it aside. I took the pulpy solids and added two more cups of water, another cup of vodka, and another cup of vinegar and a dash of the lemon juice. I simmered this as well for about an hour to two hours and strained this liquid.

    I was left with about 4 quarts of this black/dark green liquid that smelled like shit....well actually vinegar, but close enough..

    I threw out the poppy stalk which had lost allof its color and turned a vomit yellow/white.

    I then took these 4 quarts of liquid and put it in a clean pot last night and let it heat for about 12 enough that there was plenty of evaporation but not quite simmering...

    Well last night I had about 7 friends over and we were planning on trying out the Opium, but it was taking longer than expected for the water to burn off.So we decided to go aheadand start with other stuff.... We had about 5 or 6 pieces going between the 7 of us and we were smoking bowl after bowl on my back deck around the fire pit. i took a couple shots of vodka, drank some beers, smoked some more etc. etc....but then around 3 am and halfway into unconciouseness someone ran into my room and said "dude your mixture turned all funky man!"....I flipped out thinking it had been ruined or something..I run out..look into the pan...

    ......and what do I see?....

    ...about 100 grams of the nicest darkest looking opium I had ever seen...holy shit! I got the highest yield Ive ever gotten by doing it chemically. My god it was nice to wake up from a drunk stupor to see that the drug gods had left me a very expensive present on my kitchen stove.

    I had to do a few more little things with it to burn off excess moisture and clean it up..but I have a ball a little smaller than a baseball of opium. I havent weighed it since I rolled it but Im thinking it'll be about 75 grams or so. It only takes me about 2 or 3 grams to get fucked up, so I think this will last me a while..likeI had said in the past, I dont want to get addicted to this shit..(hence my only using what i grew myself) i'll probably sell half or more of it off to friends.

    hell, im considering just making it to sell. So many people last nigth were wanting some, and then they called their friends and told them and now everyone wants some of nubbins home cooked O.

    and to top all of that off, today I was going over to a local deli where my friend works to see what time he got off..and while I was sitting in the parking lot geting ready to leave, I starting looking at the flowers in front of the deli (I am quite the garden how could I not enjoy the various species of flora?)..but then I noticed between this bush was a small stem sticking up with a bulbous pod at the tip...I jumped out of the car and looked at it...there was a whole patch of dried opium pods. These were persian whites..fat, juicy and some of the highest yielding poppies...I grabbed them ripped the whole patch up and threw them into my van(YES I HAVE A VAN NORMAN!) and drove home.

    Unfortunately they had already gone to seed, so the yield will be less than if they had just dropped their petals. But now I have about 10 poppy pods full of seeds of a VERY nice strain which i can use next season. And then I'll extract the opium out of those poppies just as soon as I run out of this other stuff..which might take a while.
  20. thats great nub, i'm happy for you! and then finding even more poppys, thats so sweet. enjoy you buzz you get and i hope you get a even bigger yield next season. I think i'm going to print out how you chemically extracted your opm, that sounds like the best way to do it to me. I try to not to do extractions because i'd be useing the kitchen a lot and my mom might wonder whuts going on ya know. I think i might have a portable electric burner somewhere though.... anyways, a few more poppys sprouted today, or i think there poppys, maybe i got some other weed growing in my pot i duno i'll find out soon enough.

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