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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Snootch, Jan 1, 2003.

  1. I don't have any papers, what can I use? I have green, but I'm home from school on break. I need something to smoke with, maybe I can make something? Help me out, guys...
  2. tons of things. 20 oz bottle of pop works, but you also need tin foil. then theres the toilet paper roll cardboard steamroller but the 20 oz bong works better a bible? tear those pages out and use them for papers. also, sticks of gum can be peeled apart and used for papers
  3. APPLE PIPE!!! Works like a charm

    if you got the time you can make a pretty fancy apple bubbler.. I tried it once but it didn't work too well.. meh

    or just hit up the local hardware store for some shit, just be creative :D
  4. wtf, why don't you already have a pipe, lol? You should always have a pipe even if you like joints better. Put your mind to it, you can smoke out of a lot of things. Oh and the apple pipe is a good idea, my dad said hes done it while hunting, i've never tried it.
  5. I did it my very first time :)

    it rocked

    or, more of an appling action!

    err, wtf?

    apple pipes, yea. I think there was a tutorial on that tommy morgan show on pot-tv


    theres a link somewhere

    i bet

  6. heh.
  7. heh?


    are you british?!?!

    should he have said alumineum!?!?!

    i think NOT!!
  8. Soda Bottle And Tin Foil... Never Fails...
  9. TIN FOIL IS THE DEVIL!!! Where o where is Norm when ya need him? As soon as he gets on this thread, you'll find out the evils of tin foil.....

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