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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ChancoChip, Jan 25, 2013.

  1. I dont have papers and cant get any right now what is a good household thing i can use to role
  2. look around for book with a very thin thin page that you can kind of see through. that's your best bet. you could just try an apple pipe man.. alot better then improvised papers
  3. Lol you're gonna smoke it and wish you didn't. Just stick a pen into an apple man you'll be good.
  4. bible/dictionary papers are the thinnest just dont smoke ink..
  5. Gum wrappers. The ones with foil. Hold a lighter under the foil side and move it around (as not to burn it) until the foil starts to separate from the actual paper. It's thin and it's rice paper and mostly untreated chemically so it's good enough..
    (I did this for years when I wasn't legally aloud to buy papers lol)
    I actually used my lizards basking lamp and stuck it under for a few hours (wont burn it) but it works with a lighter too lol
  6. I used the kinda wax paper that comes on the back of stickers or brown paper bag since i cant buy papers legally even thought none of this is legal anyways :p

  7. Underage user alert

  8. [​IMG]

  9. those are okay but they are hard to stick and unroll while smoking
  10. Bible paper is your best bet. Some dictionary paper will work.

    Basically anything than is somewhat transparent that has no ink on it, and has not been chemically treated.
  11. I would recommend bible paper as well. Use the last pages where there is no ink. It's really nasty tho!

    Get a strip of foil and make your own pipe. Wrap it around a pencil and make the front part (where you'll put the weed) as closed as you can. Then punch small holes with a thin needle. Improvise!
  12. Maple syrup/ honey
  13. I'd rather eat it straight from the bag than smoke from foil...

  14. Smoking out of foil isn't bad for you, heats to 2200 with a lighter, needs 4000 for it to release anything harmful... Contrary to popular belief. :smoking:
  15. Whatever you say. I held a lighter up to foil before, I wasn't really interested in inhaling the black smoke coming off of it :/

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