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papers or blunts?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by caleb6014, May 8, 2011.

  1. I like papers because you can taste the weed but I also like blunts with my friends but sometimes they give me cotton mouth.. what's your opinion??
  2. I like papers better but blunts are fun too
  3. Both.
    No point in limiting myself.
  4. Papers, getting a dutch is inconvenient
  5. Grape swisher > any papers.
  6. Bongs. :bongin:

    Haha just kiddin. There's not much that can beat twistin up a nice doobie after a long day, but I (occaisonally) take blunts to the face too.. Usually I only smoke blunts with other people though.
  7. J's to da face. L's with homies.
  8. Alot of people I know smoke blunts, as a matter of fsct, we'll all be chillin and like, 3-4 of us will have joint papers and there's always that kid who is like, "Who has a car? We gotta get a blunt." I mean, I don't mnd blunts. As a matter of fact, first thing I ever smoked was a blunt. The only problem is that when you have perfectly good papers, don't expect me to go out of my way to get a blunt.

    To answer your question, blunts are great, but if you're an "Apprentice" practicing w/ Joints is much easier since it's less expensive and there are less steps involved. I've always preferred smoking a blunt, but the satisfaction from rolling a nice, tight, transparent joint is just beautiful.
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    Wait... Aren't L's joints?
  10. In any place other than America, yes. 2 zig zags stuck together to form an L.
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    So that guy was saying joints by himself, and bigger joints with homies?
  12. Well, if ya got a bunch of homies, you'll want a bigger joint, right?
  13. In the US we call blunts L's. Might be a east coast, not sure how it started either.

  14. no he says he likes joints by himself and L's (a blunt or a cigar used to make a smoking utensil) with his homies
  15. oh i'm from US and where i live we call joints Ls. confusing shit lol
  16. I don't like papers cuz a) they burn too fast and b) I don't know how to roll them.

    I apparently roll nice blunts :cool: so blunts it is! (Swishers!)

  17. learn how to roll a tight jay and itll burn slow and its soo nice man
  18. Papers cause there cheaper.
  19. I've had people who were joint fanatics roll me "slow-burning" joints and I still found blunts to burn longer. Maybe joints for 1 person won't be bad but I find blunts to be the best when you're smoking with multiple people.

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