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Papers Curling in Pack?

Discussion in 'Other Smoking Accessories' started by sektr, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. So I started using Elements a few months back after years of the standard corner store Zig Zags and Rizlas, and I noticed something weird.

    For some reason, the glue strip of the papers seems to curl itself in the pack, which isn't a big deal in and of itself, but it can get annoying because at times it gets in the way when I'm trying to put the weed in initially.

    Is there a reason this seems to happen with Elements (and Smoking papers come to think of it now that I look at the old king size pack I had in a drawer), and not your standard "mainstream" papes?
  2. yup, you're not using the pack fast enough...... double your usage and see if that helps :hello:
  3. Haha funny DD.
    the moisture in the air or wherever your storing them is causing the glue and paper to curl, elements are made out of a different material than zig zags and alot of main brands. thats why when you burn them away they literally produce no ash!
    Take one out try it, besides glue caramelizing and burning cause its sugar based the paper leaves nothing behind haha.

    Rice papers in general tend to do that,
    Raws elements the like.

    find a drier place to store them maybe? I live in a cold wet city so my Elements always do it no matter where i keep them after so long unfortunately
  4. There's a little note on the inside of the Elements pack (at least the 300's) that says something about the strips curling.
  5. I'm from a cold wet city as well so guess there's no hope for em, love the papers too much to use anything else anyways so screw it :p
  6. I have the same moisture and curling problem. It only started recently with the changing of winter to spring.
    My solution is a bit of a waste but I've noticed the paper immediately behind the outermost one is fine. If wasting paper to fix this problem doesn't work for you, you could try an air tight container or ziplock bag. Keep this container in the lowest part of your place away from light.
  7. I keep my papers in a drawer most of the time and it stops them from getting damp, had this problem the most with small papers swell, mainly the blue rizlas for me but I was just storing them on the side. Like half of the box completely curled up.

    Now am using OCB Kingsize and had some RAWs and they didnt curl up on me in the drawer although silver rizla's did but they were single packets. Normally I buy papers by the box so I dont run out but the silvers sre back ups.

    The best thing I think for them is to store in a cool dark location like it says on some products. Like the guy above said an airtight container should work like a jar or something but make sue this not any moisture in it or it will make them curl even faster.If you have a rolling box store your papers in that. I got a CBL rolling box for like $4 off amazon and that seems to stop them curling for single packets and you can store all your rolling stuff in there. I find they mainly curl up when Im carrying them round in my pocket.

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