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  1. So i am wondering after starting seeds in paper towels when is the best time to switch them from the paper towels to soil?

    Would it be better to switch them as soon as you notice they have begun to sprout or wait to let them grow some kind of roots? Or would you just cut out that piece of the paper towel and stick it in the soil?

    I transplanted two seeds when tey had a single root about a quarter inch long and one is dead and the other doesnt look like its grown a hair.

    I also have this plant with some serious stretch issues its about a week old around 3 inches tall and the floro light i have is a t12 with two 20w bulbs. the fixture is like 2 feet long bulbs and I dont know where i havent found any higher wattage bulbs yet so should i get some cfl's or something for side lighting? i have this plant inside a rubbermaid tub with the light about an inch if that off the top of the plant with a fan inside to keep it all from overheating and to slightly blow on the plant to make it more sturdy.

    Any thing that can be said would be greatful. i'll try to post a pic here in a lil bit but all i have is my cell phone atm.
  2. [​IMG]here she is and when do you think i should transplant i have some pots that are about 4 in wide.

    Yall look but no replies can anyone help me please?

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  3. Ive always used the paper towel method and have had 100% success. I usually check them after 1.5-2 days after I put them in the towel to see the progress. If they have a small root and sometimes they get away and end up with a .5" or bigger root I transfer them into soil. Dont put any paper towel in the soil. You shouldnt have to. You shouldnt leave the seeds in the towel long enough to where they get caught in it.

    What kind of soil are you using by the way?
  4. From my personal experience, you will get best results if you plant them as soon as the seed splits and you can begin to see a root. Do not wait too long - they are seeds, they are meant to start growing within a medium, not within bleached squares of paper.

    I personally am no longer a fan of the paper towel method however. Underwater germination has given me far better results as the seeds are less prone to environment, rotting, etc.
  5. i'm using plain top soil and perlite i transplanted today and its kind of bent itself over any ideas on what to do?

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