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  1. so, i have about 50 seeds, and im doin the paper towel method to germinate them, how long will this take?
  2. Place in warm, but not too warm place, pitch black dark. Should be 1-3 days.
  3. ty dude, thats what im doing:)
  4. Dude, you dont need 2 threads of the same thing.
  5. so 50 seeds ay...i would take them and place them in a glass filled with water, the ones that sink are more then like 90 percent more likely to germ.

    but for my germ i take and get 2 paper towels and a ziplock sandwich bag, fold the papertowels into 1/4ths, and then wet to a damp wet, wring it out a bit (youll figure it out how wet) and insert the seeds with space between them and gold again so it fits perfect in the bag and place them in a warm dark place.

    the warmth is important, but so is the dark, light kills roots, so a nice dark warm place, people use laptops or computers and such for that.
  6. To my experience could take more than 1-3 days for them to pop, could take as long as 2 weeks but more typically for me around 4-8 days.
  7. I have found no good reason to continue with paper towels. I now plant my seeds directly into soil, keep it warm and moist. They germinate just as well and just as quickly.
  8. Is there nothing you can do to speed up this stage? Two weeks sounds like a long time to keep checking for a tiny shoot!
  9. Mine come up in 3 to 5 days usually. If they aren´t up in a week they aren´t going to!!

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