Paper towel germination method?

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  1. I've heard mixed reviews on it. But anyways, my friend gave me a couple bagseeds and im doing the paper towel method. When should i expect to see the root coming? and do i have to plant it right after the root comes out? thanks guys
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    I'm also new (very new) to growing and I did the paper towel method. It has been about 3days and I am starting to see the root being exposed. I also planted some seed in a soil then watered to try germination the old fashioned way but that 2 days ago so I won't know if it worked for a while. The paper towel method seems to work but I did it slightly wrong because It is not completely air tight and not warm.

    If you do everything right you should see the root coming in about 40hr. depends on the seed too. it could take a week.
  3. ok. thanks for the advice man. this will be my first grow and its sorta more of an experimental grow, just to get a little experience in growing. but hopefully my seeds will do something in a couple days.

  4. if you have a matchox put a piece of emeryboard (or fine sand paper) in it. shake the seeds around in the box for about 30-45 seconds (known as scarifying). using distilled water (tap water has to many solids in it and many localities often add other things to the water -- ie flouride, etc.) soak the seeds in a cup of water for 24 hours. you will probably find the radicle exposed (the taproot) by the end of the 24 hours, if so then plant them (about a .25 inches deep) taproot facing down. (if this germination method doesn't pop my seeds I then usually go with the papertowel method). typically this method gives me a 90 percent germination rate within 3 day max period.

    by scratching the surface of the seed (with the emery board) you ensure a better chance of germination (the seed is able to soak the water quicker, which in turn is needed to trigger the chemical process of germination)....

    i know you asked about the paper towel method, but since you have only a few seeds i didn't want you to end up spending two weeks (this how long it can take for a seed to pop) to have one or none of the seeds pop because they never absorbed enough water through the paper towel method.

    hope it was helpful....happy grow.
  5. You see the taproot in about 1 to 4 days. Good luck.
  6. ok. all the help is really appreciated guys.
  7. hey there, just went through the hole ordeal of blowing about AU$150 (3 seperate orders over time) on seeds.

    My biggest piece of advice is if you have a thermometer make sure you are on about 75f-80f
    which means you absolutely must have a thermometer :) ($12 thermometer vs $60 seeds)

    anyways, it's really simple when you know how, but you want to pull ur hair out when it doesn't work.
    Feel free to read the thread above

  8. thanks for the advice. yeah i wasnt using a thermometer and the paper towels do feel kinda cold. my friend was telling me that this method is kinda difficult so i'm only germinating one seed right now just to see if i can do it right. but i just got like 10 free seeds from my friend for letting him borrow my piece :smoke: what goes around, comes around :D but i mite just germinate these the natural way. I live in arizona so we got plenty of sun and nice warm temps right now.

  9. dude the paper towel method is terrible for a lot of reasons.

    just soak them over night or until the sink and throw them is some soil like a 1/4 inch deep.

    works like a charm.

    does mother nature use paper towels?
  10. i dont think the paper towel method is bad because i put some reggie seeds into the paper towel yesterday and damped it and today i found 3 sprouted seeds and some of the others are on there way. 2murrow im going to plant them good luck with yours.
  11. no probs,:hello::hello::hello:

    hope it all works as well as it does for me, also very very importantly don't make them over wet, or they will rot.

    and definitly don't judge the temp by ur finger - i was doin that and it just isn't reliable

  12. yea thats what to a few of my seeds they got rotted and just turned black just damp the paper towel dont soak
  13. k so my seed in the paper towel hasnt done nothing. But i planted two seeds yesterday after soaking the seeds in a water bottle for 12 hours (seeing which ones sink). So those were sitting outside all day in the sun. It happened to be 93 today.. is this bad for the seeds?? i really hope not..
  14. ummm, sounds just like me! too hot, and ur not sposed to give them light......... just warmth, dampness, and definitely no light.........
  15. In a word, yes. You have probably cooked it.
  16. uggghh.. alrite. if they don't pop up, im gonna try again. i really want to grow outside but im starting to think phoenix does not have a suitable climate at all. they were outside again today (not in the light) and we hit 100 today.. i'm gonna wait a couple more days, and if nothin happens, i'll replant.
  17. I germinated in a paper towel with 6 seeds. I get a decent amount of napkins and got them wet and I mean soaked. I squeezed a little water out to where it wasn't dripping and then put seeds on it and folded it over. I then got a baggie and put the neatly folded wet napkins in it and got the air out and then sealed it and put it in a dark closet. They were little below room temp and all germinated in about 3 days.

    One had a really long tap root (must have germinated early)

  18. well bro, We hit 105 in sweet australia, but i still got mine to germ...... despite the heat

    The point is, moist not wet, dark no light!!!!!! 75-85 (a cupboard will do it Get a thermometer!:)

    you'll get there.....
  19. Of course mother nature doesn't use paper towels, but she's not paying for her seeds either. Mother nature's germination rate varies between 0.1% and 8.7% in the wild. That means that 1 out of every 12 seeds actually germinates. I don't think that we'd be happy with those results, so we modify what mother nature does. Some of us modify more than others, and that's where paper towels come in.

    (Those germination percentage values came from research done by the German institute of Brewing. The article was peer-reviewed and published in a scientific journal - Determination of germination percentage and germination index ̢ۥ collaborative trial and ruggedness testing)

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