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Discussion in 'Other Smoking Accessories' started by Good Afternoon, May 10, 2011.

  1. Yo what up Blades. I've been rolling joints lately but.... the only papers I can find in my town are ZigZags and Jobs. They are great papers but I wanna try something new. I just bought 12 different packs of Juicy Jays and plan on getting some Elements. Soooooo.... What else? Anything crazy you guys can recommend?
  2. Raw organic hemp papers
  3. came here to post this

    they're expensive but only kind i would smoke

    i used to smoke a bunch of brands like zig zag (whites, silvers), rizla, etc i don't like them now. i give papers away and throw them out if they aren't raw. i have a few packs to give away now..
  4. i always use aleda transparent papers...they burn slooow
  5. Pimp daddy papers are awesome.
  6. Rizlas are the shit
  7. i hardly smoke js but when i do i burn raws
  8. raw kingsize or kulu slim kingsize.
  9. Raw papes might be kind of tricky at first if you aren't good at rolling. Give the Bob Marley hemp papers a try, they aren't too bad.
  10. I like RAW, Pure Hemp, And Skunk brand. That's what im rockin right now. And RAW filter tips.
  11. raw, joker
  12. Raw/Rizla, if I had to choose though it'd be Raw
  13. I had a pack of Skunks allooonnggg time ago. They have a great logo haha. I ordered some Raw Tips a few days ago :D never used em before and cant wait. I have used a Raw paper only once before but I didnt think they were all that great but shit... guess Ill get a pack since so many people like em.
  14. I think skunk papers have a great taste but I havent tried raw yet.
  15. Raw only!!!
  16. But whats so damn good about Raw? What makes them different from the others?
  17. papers are dyed white with chlorine.

    raw aren't white and don't contain chlorine.

    raw glue isn't some chemical. etc

    the organic version is even better.

    we intake enough crap as it is, i care about my health
  18. Joker and Juicy Js are where its at

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