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    For us joint smokers what's your favorite brand of papes?

    My favorite is hands down RAW. Not only do i love the taste they just seem easier to roll with.

    So what do you guys like?

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  2. I prefer not to use papers, but when I do, I like to use RAW.
  3. image.jpeg Strawberry Joker papers.
  4. OCB Premium
    Rizla Blue
    Golden Wrap(Blunt paper)
  5. Raw or Elements
  6. seconded, can't beat the classics! with a ZigZag brand j roller.. (cheating yes but who cares, smokes better than a hand rolled)

    I did used to really like these deals my local tobacky shop had called "Toke Tokens" (lol). They had mango, strawberry etc papers with little images of whatever fruit printed on the papers. Never would smoke a flavoured one out of choice again though for fear of increased toxicity

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  7. I like the flavored ones like i just got some cotton candy ones, however they burn super fast

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  8. ZigZags and Randy's!

    But I prefer blunts.
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  9. Raw's Suck .. They always come unglued ..
  10. Raws or elements are good.
    Only if you get them too wet.
  11. That was the problem even with the slightest lick they would still come unglued .. they would stay sealed for a minute then come apart .. thats when i figured i'd just stick to the zig zag smoke at least them shitz can take several licks & still not come apart .. i barely lick a raw and they fall apart in seconds ..
  12. I guess I'm not very fancy in that I tend to have a strong preference for something rolled well with Zig-Zag Kutcorners. I seldom possess enough stash to get on a righteous joint-rolling jag, but when I do, I've never been able to get anything to top the feel, the burn, and the taste, in my opinion. Believe me, I've had a few of those arguments before with other stoners when I've brought this up in conversation, essentially along the lines of 'How can you smoke anything that isn't Elite Brand X! It's all chemicals!' and I always reiterate, I like a lot of other varieties I've tried, and I don't have any problems with them, per se, I just prefer this when I'm on my own. One small note is that I've never really dug flavored papers of any sort. I like the taste of marijuana, dammit.

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  13. Not barely enough I guess.

    I use raws because it requires the least saliva, the package even says wet lightly. And you can't beat the taste. That's why I don't smoke blunts. I'm uncomfortable with the amount of saliva necessary to wrap one.
  14. HAHA what?! I've never had a raw paper come apart how old were the papers? were you licking the right side? can you record this? I want to see this happen hahaha
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  15. a great step is learning to roll...
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  16. I prefer any hemp papers, the flexibility, thinness, and burning rate are all ideal. As long as it's hemp I'll be happy.
    Normal papers I sometimes have to use two papers to get it tight for a good burn but then it's just too harsh,
    Even with two papers the hemps are perfect, Preferred brand doesn't really matter.
    OCB, Bob Marley's, Zig zag's, Raw. don't matter. Thin hemp papers are always my favorite, won't even use cigarette papers even again(I used to because they are slightly cheaper ande I used to roll my own stoges(Of which I also don't smoke anymore))/.
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  17. Ive gotta rollin machine ..
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