Paper on PTSD and Marijuana

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  1. Hey blades, so I just found out I have a five page psychology paper due by Monday and I'm all but panicking. I know a great deal about this topic but I need to know more about it. I suffer from PTSD and treat my symptoms with marijuana, though I'm not in a medical state. I just need some Points to put down, and a link to grannys updated list.
    All help is appreciated

    TL;DR psychology paper due Monday. Haven't started. Topics how marijuana treats PTSD. Need more points because its a 5 page APA style paper.
  2. Also, if anyone is familiar with APA writing style can you explain to me what a cover page or resource list is supposed to look like? I've used MLA all throughout high school and most of college up to this point.
  3. I have a myriad of PTSD symptoms. Off the top of my head, marijuana helps mostly with depression and anxiety. It works like magic and so far it works better than anything prescribed by doctors. And I don't need to read the fine print about all the side effects. But I'm probably not much help. Sorry.
  4. Yeah, I treat my anxiety depression insomnia and PTSD with marijuana. I know its particularly helpful for flashbacks or coming down from night terrors because I've experienced it first hand. I just need help finding resources and the psychological reasons as to why this works.
  5. Is there a better subforum to move this to or is it okay here?
  6. I'm sorry for the triple post but I have writers block right now and this is due in a few days. Help out a blade, blades.

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