Paper for class....Over anything, Ideas?

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  1. Okay so for one of my classes I have to write a 3 page paper over whatever I want. Unfortunately i cant smoke right now (which would help come up with some awesome ideas) because i'm sick. So im comming to the city for help.

    They paper can be over everything and so far i was gonna do a fear and loathing in las vegas type thing, trip to las vegas, minus all the psychedelics because it is for school, but still seeking the American dream.

    But what do you all think, Im open to any and all ideas ;)
  2. You can write a paper about anything and you really dont have ideas? Just look at what interests you and go for it. You dont need to be high to think of ideas.
  3. I have ideas and im currently in the process of writing it lol, Im just asking what the city thinks, because I know alot of creative people here and hell anything helps.
  4. Write about the war on drugs and how asinine and how much of a failure it is.
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    Take the advice of a former teacher, papers like this are easiest when they involve filling space by defining a lot of terms. Yet you also want a topic that is easy to write about. My advice is this:

    Write a paper on "An introduction to alternative energy possibilities in the United States." You can do some bullshit opening about how "many public figures, including both candidates for the Presidency in 2008, support increased usage of alternative energy in the United States. This essay does not seek to re-present arguments on that matter. Rather, this essay will seek to present factual educational information on major alternative energy options." But make the words your own.

    Then present a few of the popular alternatives (see if you can find a public poll that ranks them), provide a little information about how they work, some of their positive aspects, some of their negative aspects.

    It will make for a nice read for the teacher, especially if you touch on less-discussed alternatives like geo-thermal (significant benefits for places like Alaska and Hawaii, among others), methane, and natural gas.

    Your conclusion will simply restate what you have done, list the alternatives you've reviewed, and explain how "a longer essay on this topic would also explore alternative options <x, y, z>, and would conclude by evaluating the various pros and cons to present an opinion about which options are best given America's current circumstances."

    3 pages, should take you no more than 30 minutes to write, easy A. Save it, reuse it in other classes.
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  6. 3 pages on anything, and you cant think of something?

    C'mon man.

    I would write about how the post-it changed America or something,

    show the teach you aint no simple minded fuck.

    thats what id do, but you can do a paper on how you hate obama or something on paris hilton w.e
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  7. Haha, thanks for the advice everyone.
  8. ^this. Brilliant! i will be using this when i have to write papers myself!:hello:

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