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  1. Hey guys. I read about the paper bag method after drying and was wondering if anybody does this. Thanks guys
  2. Do I have permission to post in this thread master?

    You are in the wrong section man, go to the harvesting/processing section. Yeah, I do the paper bag method after drying, it works wonderfully.
  3. yeah you have permission haha
    thanks man , i think im gonna do it this time cuz last time my buds dried waaaay to fast so they burned fast too
  4. you just confused the shit out of me with this what does this have to do with weed?:confused:
  5. i guess nothing cuz it got removed haha
  6. I have a buddy who uses the paper bag method and it works out quite well for him. Everything he sells (OZ or more) are in paper bags.
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    This method actually speeds up the drying process. If your bud is too dry you can rehydrate with a q tip head moistened with water. I get my weed bone dry to cure. Then as I take some out to smoke I give it a little re hydration. I put about 3 moist q tip heads in a jar with a dry 0z in it. After the first day then I remove all 3 and continue adding 1 till I reach the desired texture. This will not introduce enough moisture to promote mold growth. You just need to know the texture you are looking for. (all re hydrating is done in a sealed mason jar)
  8. First it was the LED Salesmen, now its the Bag Dealers! :smoking:
  9. haha yeah ,
    thanks phoggy you have a good method there i might have to give that a try
  10. I built a drying cabinet, using a flood light in a plywood box, about 3 feet by 3 feet, by 5 feet tall. A couple of baffles block the light from the strings above, where shit dries. I have a screen frame for the nugs and I will leave a big paper bag with the shake in it sitting on the light baffles. this drying cabinet is the smartest part of my entire operation as it insures that whatever success I have in the grow room is only enhanced in drying and curing. I encourage you to read the threads on drying and curing.

    In my cabinet, affectionately known as ‘Bud Baker', the paper bag shake always dries evenly and quickly- in part because it is small in particulate size, compared to the hanging buds and the screen nugs. The brown paper bag, I am told, gives off a gas that ripens fruit and is a natural drying agent.

    Having said this, I am using the paper bag in a setting that is already geared towards drying. Just a paper bag as a drier all by itself does not sound so great to me.

    As for storage, only one perfect way there- glass. I would never use anything but glass, for any amount, for a number of good reasons.

    Just sayin.


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