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  1. so today i just got 3 paper acid tabs for free and i know their real cause the guy already took one and was fucked up. Does anybody have any experience with these cause i want to know about this shit before i take it cause if its harmful and shit then im not going to take it.
  2. take them all man suck on them don't eat or drink with them in but suck on them tell all the papers gone and you will get fucked up
  3. just because he tripped doesnt mean its acid.
    It could be any number of Reasearch chemicals.

    And yes, acid is bad for you.
    But its oh so fun.
  4. just do one.

    and fax me the other two. :wave:
  5. were they dullish white and torn from a strip?
  6. It's bad for you?
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    First and foremost, as was mentioned, this may or may not be acid. I've caught the fake stuff before and it was still pretty fun, but no comparison to the real thing. If it is NOT acid, then it could be unsafe. If it IS acid, it's pretty safe for you to take. Now is it bad for you? Possibly, but it's still alot safer than many other drugs. I've heard that it's very safe. The alternatives are probably more dangerous.

    I personally recommend that you try it if your friend is a reputable guy. Acid is such a unique, incomparable drug. Tripping is so cool that it's almost a religious experience. Plus, once the heavy tripping is over you'll be so comfy in your own skin that you'll....well...the point is you're gonna love it so just do it!

    However, DON'T take them all at once. Take one, wait AT LEAST AN HOUR!!!! If you think you can handle more, take one more. Wait ANOTHER HOUR, then take the other one IF YOU THINK YOU CAN.

    Make sure you have NOTHING AT ALL to do for at least 12 hours. AT LEAST 12 hours. If it's the real thing, you might need more. Have some good food handy, good music, some artwork, and maybe a movie, but nothing with a lot of camera movement. It's good to have a friend around, and make sure they know you're on acid. I got my g/f to take me to an art museum and the zoo while I was tripping, and I had the time of my life.

    You might think your mind is never coming back, but it is. Just keep reminding yourself that you're a stupid acidhead and there's nothing to worry about. Keep calm and enjoy the ride. It's FUN FUN FUN!!!! :cool:

    Smoke some ganj with it too. Ganj makes it a zillion times better. If you feel nauseous, take a small hit at a time until you feel better.

    NO DRIVING!!!!!
  8. of course acid is bad for you.
    Smoking weed is bad for you.
    Drinking is bad for you.
  9. Well I know smoking and drinking are...but I don't think LSD is..

  10. I can't believe I'm the first one to post this:
  11. So is anyone going to tell him about the bad trippppppppppppppppps!:eek:
  12. Bad trips usually occur when you have something bad on your mind beforehand, or some random shit happens. None of my friends have ever had bad trips, nor have I. Just stay home or make sure you're with a sober, responsible person. Make sure you have no responsibilities that day, and remember to stay positive like Richard Simmons. Ok, not like Richard Simmons....but stay positive.

  13. hahahahahah, yesssssss.
  14. Acid is not physicall harmful, but some psychological effects have been noted with bad trips. Stay cool, stay with friends, take 1 tab at a time 60-90 mins apart, and enjoy the ride. :D

    and send me some :wave:
  15. This belong's in Pandora's Box.(not being a dick,just informing)

    Take one to two for your first time.Look on Eorwid,con for some report's and other information about it as Lsd is not really something you just jump on.

    It is a life changing experiance,whether that be for better or worse.Have a good inviroment,good music,chill people,maybe a sitter,trippy thing's to look at.You will get alot of good answer's when you move this thread into Pandora's Box.

    Have fun tripping my dude.
  16. First theres HPPS, and yes you should look into bad trips.
  17. Just enjoy it, i took two hits my first time by myself, but then again i prefer tripping alone (i dont feel you really neeed a sitter, but everyone is different and a lot of people cant handle themselves alone i guess idk). Do your research if your so inclined, but have fun acid is undescribable you just have to experience it for yourself.
  18. I hope you know it isnt uncommon for the trip to last like 12 hours.
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    Except you could just set yourself up for disappointment when NOTHING ends up happening even after a couple hours..

    I don't think it's even possible to tell if you're being ripped off or not, unless it's someone you know WELL.. the little blotter papers could have nothing on/in them and you end up paying a decent amount for just a little piece of paper then waste your day thinking you're gonna trip balls so you keep waiting and waiting.. bottom line, gotta know the person very well if you're paying for it.

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