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  1. Gutentag ? I used to speak Dutch fluently when I was five and six years old.I hope I didn't just butcher my greeting.It's been 39 years,Summer of '62,since I spoke the language.Went to kindegarten and first grade when I was there.I hated it when they put the milk on the radiator in kindergarten because it was "to cold" to drink!I refused to drink it warm.Serious culture shock for a five year old eh?They thought there was something wrong with me.Well hey! no problem for a resourceful child.I made friends with the milk man,skipped kindergarten and rode around with him on his deliveries whenever I could get away with it..Cut me a slice of free cheese and I'll follow you anywhere,especialy if it's Gouda.
    We lived at Veerdam 26 which was very close to a ferry that went to Dordrecht and there was a french fry stand right next to it.We were not allowed to go there because that's where the "hoodlums" hung out.Well guess where I went every chance I got to if my big brothers would take me with them.I still love mayonaise on my fries to this day.
    Greetings Netherlands,I hope to return some how,some way, some day and explore some more.
  2. High

    Welcome aboard. Yes you should come back, this is a great forum site.Lots of helpful people here, so ask any Q's..Stay cool an I hope you enjoy the site. :D :D :D
  3. Thanks for the welcome Panhead.That is a gorgeous raptor on the wing.Here in Middle Tennesse we have some living in downtown Nashville.Poor pigeons don't have a chance.I've stood within fifteen feet of one having a 'lil snack on the black top,intensly wild and beautiful bird it was.
    Again,thanks for the welcome.


  4. i've never tried the french fry/mayo thing. i suppose if it was good mayo.. it could be worth trying.

    namaste and welcome psyche.
  5. French fry heretics of the world unite!~!*!

    When I'm feeling really subversive I use,shhh,I'm typing real quiet so the condiment Cops won't hear---when I'm feeling really subversive I use Blue Cheese dressing on my fries.
    If you have never done this make sure you have someone with you who is strong,straight and sober because if you splash any on your forehead your toungue will slap your brains out trying to get to it and you will need to be restrained.

    Zonedude & Phlatbeats please!
    Do Not attempt this alone!+!!

    Ciao,er,ah,Chow,unh,oh what the devil-Me ain't afraid a no stinkin' cholesterol!


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  6. I must say I dig the green ketchup. I just squeeze it on the fry and munch. Each fry gets its own squeeze.

    Frys are a munchie food for me so the artistic ability to "paint" the fry green really heightens the high. ;)
  7. zonedude-it taste's the same-but really it taste's better because it's green like the buds we smoke.

    Plus, the new bottle kicks ass! ;)
  8. Tag! Welkomen zu coffeeshop-amsterdam! That's about all the German I remember from school.
  9. Thank you for the welcome aeroblurg.

    Seriously now as for munchies.My fovorite way to make homefries is to use an already baked potato sliced & diced according to you're imagination.Fry in pan with just enough oil to cover bottom of pan turn once when first side is cooked to you're liking.Golden brown works for me.This is the best part it is fairly quick because the 'taters are already baked and the inside is nice and soft with a crisp outside.

    Yum!Yum!Gimmie Some
    Gotta go library is closing.

    As Julia Childs says Bon Apetit


  10. welcome!

    fries! dude fries are the best! and homemade is best, not the frozen fries you get at store, homemade as in, you cut the potato YOURSELF and cook it YOURSELF!

    On my fries i like some salt and ketchup. i really dont like the green ketchup. not only does it look like paint they have in my art class, it taste waterd down.

    ive herd about the mayo but never tried it because i dont like mayo, or mustard, or blue cheese. ranch dip is good. i also like fries and icecream.
  11. hello and welcome,

    try equal parts mayo and ketchup mixed,
    one mayo packet, cover with ketchup, stir with fry, if fry breaks eat it and start again..

    oooh, what a treat (some people get grossed out)
  12. Imagine a huge clean white plate,a big mess of french fries,green ketchup,red ketchup,mayonaise and any other colored condiments that come in a squeeze bottle or just a jar would be fine.Now imagine the plate as a canvas and the condiments are the colors on your palate.YeeeeeeHOOOOOOOeeeeeeee!
    Jackson Pollock got nothin' on me when it comes to modern art.The kids realy get off on it.It's the closest thing to a food fight you can get and still stay out of trouble.

    "Kali" :p
  13. High

    YUK.....NOT Mayo!!!Nasty stuff it is!!..I like thousand islands made at home with Miracle Whip an Ketchup.. :D :D Ranch is good with the tater wedges, home made of course..You all stay cool now.. [​IMG]

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  14. fries and hunneymustard sause is the best. the best fries ive ever had was i forgot where but they cooked there fires and it had bacon bits on them. they were big fries too. them were the best ive ever had.
  15. Thank you my friends and fellow french fry epicurians.I had forgoten about these other wonderful condiments.The bacon bits is entirely new to me and I bet I've realy been missing out.I just added them to my shopping list.

    "Yum,yum gimmmie some."




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