Papaya and Mango?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by NWestblessed, Mar 20, 2012.

  1. Anyone had impressive results with either of these two? Here's my checklist when it come to varitities I want to grow come time and experience 1st grow - Northern Lights then in my next grows - trainwreck (all time favorite), afghan goo, strawberry cough, ak - 47, purple kush (or another real and danker purple that I can acquire), chocolate chunk, purple diesel, romulan, super skunk and probably some papaya idk its just one of those weird strains that I'd like to say I've grown.
  2. I've had Papaya from Nirvana and its a nice lazy indica buzz, nice to grow too.

    TrainWreck is one of my favorites too, I like thw TW from Greenhouse, its their best strain IMO :smoke:
  3. Very good information to know yeah I've had papaya and mango I prefered papaya I always thought that they both were a little on the sativa side but I know that it was real shit and those strains are indica. I just liked the flavor, look and decent potentcy on the papaya not the strongest but not bad.
  4. mango is actually probably just about the shittiest strain ive ever seen but papaya is good

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