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PapaSmurf Berries?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by spincut, Feb 13, 2014.

  1. So, a strain that a friend recently brought up was "PapaSmurf Berries". Never heard of it, and I didn't really have time to ask more, but I figured (since a search on leafly came up with nothing) to ask here and see if anyone has heard of it and what they know.
    It any good?

  2. People make up names all the time

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  3. #3 spincut, Feb 13, 2014
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    My guy's been consistently reliable, and I don't think he'd do that (and hasn't in the past).
    Now I just heard it's a cross between smurfberrys and pappa (I think he meant pappa smurf), because those are both actual strains, right?

    Haha, even this lady claimed she couldnt find shit on it, but got it from a dispensary and seemed to like it.
    Anyway, it appears to be crossed with this:

    Again, if anyone has used either (or them crossed) feel free to chip in.
  4. I've never heard of those.   But I have heard of Gargamel Kush. :hide:  
  5. Its a good strain, I am from India and have grown this strain, the smurfberry is a cross of krowberry and my papa smurf male which is galactic smurf x Santa maria haze.It has a lot of Bubba influence. You can buy seeds from Sagarmatha Seeds.
  6. Heh, oddly when I tried googling for info on my own, Sagarmatha seeds came up as a high result. But I am not really looking to purchase seeds, I just like getting proper info on stuff I'm grabbing (which then goes in my brain so I can make better informed future purchases).
    But hmmmm that IS a mouthful. So what I'm getting (pappa smurf berries) is a cross of smurf berries and pappa smurf, which is a cross of four other strains (krowberry, papa smurf itslef, galactic smurf and santa maria haze?). Hah, that's wildly complicated. On the upside, and what I have done in the past when this happens, is just to try and make note of the "smurf" family and how I like it (I can also mentally tag those other strains you listed if that is always the breakdown, but that is probably overkill even for me).
  7. So how does it smoke/High?
  8. Wouldn't you know?
    Anyway, I haven't gotten it yet....flaky dude is flaky.
  9. #9 spincut, Feb 18, 2014
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    Gah, perhaps this is a pointless update, but my guy flaked on me an epic three times. First two days I set aside time to meet nearby at a spot of his choosing (thought he was hanging out nearby anyway), only to text me at the last minute hurredly saying there was a "chancge uf plannes" (yes he seemed to either be drunk or in a hurry each time), and that he was in some suburb 45 minutes away instead (in one case it seemed like it was more of a social call than a business one..).
    So then Sunday comes around and after Friday/Saturday he feels bad and says we're definitely meeting, even texts me in the morning asking when I can meet, so I tell him 4-5. 4-5 comes around and he's still there thank goodness, so I let him know I am about ready to head out and ask him what's up, it takes him an hour to get back to me with this "damn man, you're gonna hate me but I just sold the rest of that earll to someone else." He's right, I hated him real hard at that moment.
    Now, I am familiar with the concept "you snooze you loose", but the dude had just flaked on me three times, had bragged at how good this stuff was weeks earlier when we were hanging out and promised me some, and I would think at the very least at this rate would have set some aside some given I was to grab it several days earlier if not for his strange last minute changes of plans. He did offer to hook me up with bud, and even a gram of his own personal wax, which was nice of him...except he informed me that he also was "kinda on a date" at that moment (which means we probably couldn't have met where and when he said anyway), asked if I wanted to come (to which I responded, "what, to the restaurant? While you're on a date? How is that going to work?"), at which point I didn't hear from him until later than night (when I told him I'd be busy anyway) saying his phone had died and seeing "whats up" :p .
    So yeah, thoroughly put out all in all :/ . While this is the only person I know who has earll, I know three people (him included) that have dry bud, and yet I went dry the whole weekend :p . My luck this weekend has not been fantastic to say the least.

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