Papa John's is the shit man

Discussion in 'The Great Indoors' started by BluntCruisin, May 15, 2011.

  1. These breadsticks and cheese pizza are dank as fuck.

    Wolf gang is the fuckin clique
  2. Fuck yea i usually get a five dollar cheese and put my own toppings on at home. super good pizza fresh out the oven, fuck yea

    their business model makes so much sense. cut out the expenses of having ovens and bring the savings down to the customers.
  3. I call it 'PJ Time' when I am stoned. We get breadsticks with cheese and a large thin crust pizza with extra sauce. I don't know why, but the extra sauce is the shit when I have been smoking.
  4. Flamsnfills, are you sure you're not thinking of Papa Murphy's? Papa John's doesn't sell you premade pizzas you put in the oven.
  5. I think putting meat and cheese fillings in the crust changed the world.

  6. Dude.. I lmao'd at your sig.
  7. Unfortunately I've never gotten to enjoy Papa John's. Whenever I order something from them about 2 hours pass and I finally call them back to ask what the hell is going on and they say they ran out of whatever it was I was trying to order. By then I'm usually so hungry I just order from a local pizza place.

    And yeah girl with the squirrel pic, they are slow as hell...but well worth it :D
  9. Off-topic but I messaged the person in his cig to see if he/she was an alien a while back, and they never got back to me, you should go and read all of his/her posts. they are all pretty funny.

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