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panty label

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by namron_420s, Sep 22, 2003.

  1. i was attempting to give my current ....female friend a wedgie, when the tag caught my read

    machine wash
    warm water
    with like colors
    no bleach
    remove promptly

    ..........remove promptly............

    oh...and she shaves...just for the hell of it...i am the beaver lick pastor for monkeys sake.
  2. Panty labels are a hot topic lately..

    I say the key to the label problem is to remove the panties all together..come on ladies..rebel against the panties..go free and naked...:D..we'll all be

  3. here, here! :D
  4. I like pantyless women. Therefore I propose women shouldn't wear panties day, month, year. Whatever. Must stop self from rambling.
  5. how is your mom sensi?

    and i like panties...

    theyre fun to take off:D

    its just like christmas.

    unwrap a beaver
  6. mmmmmmm pussy, so nice and mmmmmmmmm

    sorry I get ya know sometimes...
  7. lmao

  8. likewise lol:D!!
  9. Im not too big on the sniffin...

    but i dont mind the licking...not the panties..but whats under the panties

    its candy to me...


    CANDY I TELL Y0OU!!!!!!!!

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