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  1. I am building a grow room in my walk in pantry (4x6x8'). This will be my second grow, and this time I have a much larger room to play with, and I want to get the ventilation dialed in sweet. I have a 400w air-cooled light fixture, and a 6'' vortex fan for my exhaust.

    Now I know I am going to have to cut some holes in my walls for my exhaust. I just want some oppinions on the best and neatest way to do this. My walls are lathe and plaster :(. I have chosen the location of the hole, and its going to be on an interior wall of my house. What is the best way to cut a hole in lathe and plaster? I want the hole made to look like it is supposed to be there. What I mean is putting some sort of ac vent cover type thing on the other side of the hole so it looks like an a/c vent or something like that.

    Also I need help with intake. I have a window near my pantry, and want to coordinate some sort of system pulling in fresh air from the window, but also keeping it pretty mellow with the duct tape;) . Do you think some sort of passive intakes will work? Thanks guys
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    Mark out your hole on the wall, and then drill a couple of half inch to one inch pilot holes where you can slip a sawzall blade into. Use either the masonry blades or the metal blades in the sawzall (you will go through a couple of the metal blades as they will dull fast) and cut your hole.

    To prevent light from showing on the outside of your grow room, mount one of these to the inside of the hole and spray paint it flat black so light isnt beaming out of that vent hole.
    Just cut your hole 4"x10" and then send the 4x10 side of this boot through the hole and flange it over. Then you can mount a grill/register to the outside of it and will will look JUST like a heat register.
  3. That thing looks like it is a right angle though? I need one that goes straight through. Good idea nonetheless. Thanks!
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  5. I used what TomGreenThumb advised. 4x10'' to 6'' round box, with an a/c grill on the outside. Mounted my 6'' vortex fan to the very top corner of my room on a stud. Works damn good and looks clean! Temps are at a steady 75 degrees with a very hot running hortillux MH bulb, and that is without any intake besides passive cracks in my door. Thanks tomgreenthumb! Why does it seem like my MH bulb runs WAY hotter then my HPS bulb? Same ballast.

    Besides the point, what ideas do ya'll have for intakes? I know once I am flowering I will have to seal up my door to make it light proof, so the passiveness of that will be soon gone. Ideas? Thanks a lot!


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