Pantera Lovers

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  1. R.I.P Dimebag, we shall all smoke a jay in your honor:smoking:
  2. I loooove Pantera
    'Floods' is by far my favourite song by them:D
  3. m gonna dedicate this next bowl to darrel. RIP man. i love pantera. vinnie paul is a beast. ive been drumming for right over a year and now i can cover most of their songs. i love playing domination, revolution is my name, and mouth of war.

  4. ahh I fellow drummer!
    Vinnie is great man, I must say however im not a fan of hell yeah, vinnies the only good memeber with that group
  5. Fuck yeah. I've got one of Dimebags guitar picks in my wallet right now. Good luck charm of sorts (although the fucker hasn't worked out for me yet...hehe). Even went so far as to get the CFH tattoo'd on my leg. They are one of my favorite bands.
  6. hell yeah gotta love Pantera. i got his razorback guitar tattooed on my arm (along with other things), mainly because i'm a guitarist as well, and cuz i love Pantera lol.

    Far Beyond Driven or GSTK. Those are my fav. albums by em.
  7. pantera lover right here. its sad to think a hardcore fan had to take dimebags life because of phils antics..
  8. dude i couldnt remember the name of the band he is in for my life. ive heard a little from them, and it wasnt really that great so i havent really looked more into them. yea i dont think anyone will ever replace pantera

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