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  1. I was so sure where to post this, but this seemed to fit because i wanted to know what different flavored fit the best, and how to go about doing that.

    I had a friend who had sum that was supposed to be pineapple but when smelled or smoked it was more like birthday cake (chocolate)
  2. I came for the title (flavored pants???? Saweeeeet)
    I left in confusion
  3. ^lol....
    i have heard of soaking the roots in raspberries/blueberrys ect... for 3 days after pulling the plant but idk if it actually works seems like it wouldnt change the flavor but its worth a try i guess
  4. sometimes i spill ketchup on my pants, but i wouldn't call it flavoring
  5. I work in a nasty, dirty, factory. My pants are probly poisonous! Not eatin those sumnobitches even if they were bacon flavor!
  6. You can flavor your buds by injecting flavor extracts into the stem throughout the plant, 3 hours before harvesting. ive heard this works, never tried it yet though.
  7. If you feed your cows Hersheys do you get chocolate milk?

    No. (Just in case you thought that was a great idea).

    Same concept. It's all about osmosis. What molecules are absorbed has more to do with their size and use in the plant.

    You want a plant that tastes or smells like something? Then grow that plant.

    Your bud don't stink? Then you did something wrong. Don't go poisoning people or yourself with chemicals. Do some research on flavored blunt wraps, they are TERRIBLE for you, and it makes sense why.
  8. i have smoked bud that smelt and when smoked tasted exactly like passionfruit, can anyone explain that?

  9. magik
  10. Any explainations other than "magik"? becaus i want to make some passionfruit bud
  11. @randomseed lmao aussiebudfarmer google passionfruit flavored pot
  12. [quote name='2lsc']If you feed your cows Hersheys do you get chocolate milk?

    LMAO! yeah plenty of tastey strains out there that dont need flavor additives lol
  13. mmmmmm what about chocolate burgers??
    haha come on people, the pungent taste of danky dank isn't enough??
  14. yes pure natural MJ taste is great, but one shouldnt underestimate the value of novelty.
  15. Novelty lmao... good shit

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