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  1. As I sat down in a strange moving tube, I couldn't help but notice a crowd of peculiar mature women, with their hair pinned back and stuck in a bun, creating strange loud sounds from some form of a black slate. You'd nearly think women their age shouldn't behave this way, so loud and obnoxious. Nevertheless, a man sitting beside me with a box of pastry formed in a shape of a circle, with heavy amount of what appears to be some kind of red sauce or maybe blood, it was hard to see but the smell was repuntant. Some strange writing on the box as well: "Enjoy Your Pizza". What is this outrageous world? Where was I sent? The smell of this planet is simply quite weird and I just don't know what to think of it. I don't know where we are heading, I guess this strange tube has to stop somewhere, am I right? It will soon outrun whatever it is driving it. I don't know how long this journey will last. I also noticed a tall man who was checking some kind of little white papers with writing all over them which I couldn't understand. However, when he came over I could suddenly understand him enough that I took this peculiar piece of paper and showed it to him. It was still unclear why he wanted to see it and it is so strange that I knew what to do with it. I guess some strange reflexes are still left in this brain tissue.
    I had a feeling that I needed to get out of this mechanic snake and go straight for a while. Where wasgoing? Where did I come from? Who am I?

  2. I like cool stories...


    Jk you're totally an alien
  3. You at Chuck E' Cheese son
  4. sounds like a bus... maybe full of elderly women on the way to a Bingo Tournament... it'll get weirder once you arrive in Reno.

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