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  1. hey fellow gc'ers! i have been smoking for more than a year and adore bud and all its glory/infamy. i wish to share my experience so that others can learn from what i consider a mistake.

    i had surgery friday (st patty's) and have a cast on my hand. i was prescribed hydrocodone x50 and have been slowly taking myself off it. last night i was invited to smoke and without much hesitation i agreed.

    after just four big hits off a bowl i felt content. i hadn't smoked since last tuesday so i obviously had low tolerance. after just these four hits i started to feel anxious. we were watching wonder showzen (recommended while high) and more and more my hand started to tingle. after fifteen mins my hand would go into phases of numbness and pins/needles. it felt like my hand was going to fall off. i kept ripping at the cast. i tried to tell myself to calm down and that it was all in my head but it felt real. i didn't regain feeling all night.

    i woke up many times during the night. one episode was so bad i tried cutting off my cast (something i should NOT do.) i had what i would consider a panic attack for about eight hours.

    anyone else ever smoke this soon after a pretty significant surgery and have a similar experience? anyone ever smoke while wearing a cast and fell the panic of something restricting movement?

    i love bud but i think i'm going to have to wait till i get this cast off till i can start again.

    please let me know what u think/if u know or have heard of this happening to others.
  2. uh you sure it wasn't the combo of weed and hydrocodone that had you all fucked up?
  3. more like weed and crack combo i have never heard of anybody doing that...
  4. i got stiches recently and when i smoked up afterwards, the area that had the stiches was all fuzzy and tingly.. goodstuff.. went away soon enough after i stopped caring about it. Do you have a wound by any chance? I think its just an exposed area or something, along with the meds, that makes you concentrate on the feeling. Because having a cast is not natural, it is natural to feel some sort of restraint which could have possibly been hightened while under the influence. Keep smoking, if you got any sort of pain, smoke mary jane!
  5. when i was 14 i had been smokin for bout 2 years at that time, i got hit in the face with a skateboard.. and it fucked up the area around my eye, so i had to get stiches and plastic surgery... and the day after i was on some painkillers(dont recall what kind) and i smoked some fire, and the area round my stiches felt fuzzy at first, but then it started feeling like they where rippin... so i understand wat ur talkin bout man.. that shit hurts... *major buzz kill*

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