Panic attacks while high?

Discussion in 'General' started by Dontwaitfor420, Aug 8, 2012.

  1. The other day I smoked for the first time in 2 weeks. I guess I got too high or something but I took only like 5 hits and freaked out super bad. Like my heart was beating super fast and you could feel it through my back and I got really pale and I could hardly walk. My friend almost rushed me to the hospital but like 5 minutes later I got better. So has this happened to anyone else?
  2. Yeah that usually happens to me after taking a t-break
  3. slooooooow down.
    smoke less.
    Take a hit and wait.... Feel fine? Take another hit.

    No need to risk a panic attack just to melt your face with a few good rips.
    Be careful.
    Work on breathing. If you go to the hospital with a mild panic attack, they will just keep telling you to breathe.

    I've never had a panic attack but I have had gotten so high that I get debilitating paranoia XD Not like meth-head, people are coming to get me and reading my mind shit. Just the usual, oh god they're talking about me. Fuck what am I doing wrong. Why can't I just look normal.
    That kinda shit. lol
  4. Was it that fake stuff thats on the rise?
  5. Is anxiety an underlying problem for you? I get panicky after smoking sometimes but I get palpation and anxiety daily anyways.
  6. Sounds like you just had a low tolerance and introduced too much THC into your system too quick.
    In the old days (pre1800s)it was considered an "overdose."

    Had it been an actual drug you were doing, you would probably be dead.
  7. Yeah it happens to a lot of people.

    In the future if you or a friend has one, sit down and drink some water and just remember the fact that it will be over in five minutes or less. It sucks at the time, but it will get better.
  8. No. I will never touch legal shit
  9. Yeah I get panicky alot...but I haven't really been panicky while smoking weed before so it was weird
  10. Happens to me when I smoke sativa Dom strains..never had a panic attack but my heart gets racy and I get more paranoid..sounds like you greened out..usually from a drop in blood pressure
  11. I cut back my intake of thc and essentially this happens to me every so often , just remember to breathe . In fact it just happened yesterday to me also , to give you an idea of what i normally smoke or vape from my mflb , i get a gram or two and it last me about a week . so yesterday i drove around on my bike , stopped at a store drank a tall boy of pbr at the honky tonk mans house and hack saw jim duggan stopped by with some og18 kush , rolls a doobie the size of the iron shieks curly toe boot and we puffed and puffed and then whamo !!! lighted headed , alien chest bursting heart beat , i had to sit and concentrate to breathe it slowly went away . i should have saved the beer . Beer always works for me when i get that panicky feeling , takes the edge off . og-18 makes you hungry as fuck to by the way !!!! I only get like that when i smoke though , not when i vape , which is why i prefer vape ,.

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