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Panic attacks. Scared to smoke again..

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Chill Vibes, Feb 11, 2014.

  1. (Sorry if this turns out to be long, but I really need some input on this)
    Hey guys! So this weekend I am planning to invite over a few buddies of mine over to smoke. I haven't smoked in a while (for the reason I will explain in a little bit) so I decided this weekend sounds good to get back into it. I used to smoke occasionally the last couple of years, and when I say that I mean like maybe 5 times a month, more or less.
    First, let me explain my little issue I have. I deal with some pretty bad anxiety. I got it a couple of years ago completely out of the blue and have been suffering from constant panic attacks throughout my life since then. It has not been easy by any means dealing with it, but I get by. Im currently on medication for it. It seems to work quite well, but my anxiety still exists nevertheless. I could talk about this topic for hours so I will move on to the next one.
    I have a fear. A very.. very strange fear that I got when I was a little boy. I have whats called emetophobia, which is the fear to and of vomit. (This part is important, and will come later in the post) I freak out when I feel nauseous or am around someone who feels like they're about to hurl. Its been around for as long as I can remember, and this actually contributes to some of my anxiety as it seems like whenever I have a panic attack, the first thing I fear is vomiting during the attack. Weird I know, but again, I could talk about this for hours.
    Ok, finally lets get to why I am making this post! Like I have said before, I have smoked my fair share of weed, and have had many fun times with it, but something happened a couple of months ago. Me and my best friend decided to get really high one weekend. He comes over, we chat for a little bit and move on to the smoke session. We whipped out his bong and started taking hits. I took a fairly large second hit, which made me cough more than I have ever coughed before while smoking. My throat hurt like hell afterwards, so I told my friend I needed a few minutes to relax my throat. I go to get some water, and that is when it hits me. As I am coming back upstairs into my room, I new something wasnt right. I kept getting stuck in a loop of time and I could see straight. At this point, I knew that this has been by far the highest I have ever been, and even now dont know if I could have gotten any higher than this point. However this is where things started to get out of control. My anxiety started taking control (Keep in mind I started having really bad panic attacks before this all happened, which I now believe is what contributed to this) I started to freak out. I ran into my room to my friend who was blazed out of his mind freaking out telling him that I was way to high. He laughs and tells me to calm down (If you dont have panic attacks, then believe me when I say that when someone tells you to calm down when having a panic attack, it just makes its 10x worse.)
    My mind was not at all attached to my body. I was extremely uncomfortable with the way I felt and wanted to get out of that state immediately. I tried everything I could. I tried taking a shower, tried taking my mind off my doing some house chores, even tried running for a bit, but just could not shake the feeling off. I layed down and shook, drenched in sweat for a straight 2 hours, all while having a full blown panic attack. No fun.
    After this went down, I didnt know what to think. I started thinking weed wasnt for me and I should just quit. But after really thinking about it, knowing I have felt fine with it before, I feel like maybe if I take it slow next time, everything will get back to normal. This experience scared me. However I think to myself that I could have fun if I tried hard enough to enjoy that feeling.
    Oh, and the fear of vomiting thing. Throughout the panic attack, I kept thinking to myself that I might green out (which is linked a lot of times to throwing up violently) So thinking of that made the attack even worse.
    Again, sorry for the long ass post, but I needed to get this off my chest, and was wondering what I can do to shake this nervousness off me. I really want to get high and be happy again without having to deal with that panic attack again. What do you guys think?

    "My mind was not at all attached to my body. I was extremely uncomfortable with the way I felt and wanted to get out of that state immediately. I tried everything I could. I tried taking a shower, tried taking my mind off my doing some house chores, even tried running for a bit, but just could not shake the feeling off. I layed down and shook, drenched in sweat for a straight 2 hours, all while having a full blown panic attack. No fun."
    ^ There's your problem. How you handled the panic attack wasn't optimal IMO. When you get high, it's kindof a commitment. You're going to get high, sometimes very high, and it's going to be for a solid hour or two, and you may feel groggy for up to one more additional hour. That being said, you need to make sure you got nothing else to do, and if a panic attack strikes, you can remember a few key things:

    1. No matter what happens, I set up everything earlier so that I can't fuck anything up in my schedule.
    2. Sometimes the weed will take me for a ride, and the only thing I can do to make it better is to ride the roller-coaster till it stops.
    3. When you start to freak out, you need to identify the fact that you are experiencing a panic episode. When you realize it, simply sit down in a secluded spot, go over your checklist of "stuff I need to do to not be interrupted while I smoke", and be sure it's completed (ie: household chores, studying, work shift is over, etc.). After that, my best advice is to first meditate on a few thoughts or feelings, quietly and alone. Once you feel somewhat calm and you feel ready to interact with the world again, perhaps put on a movie you enjoy and just relax after the taxing ordeal.

    That's all  you can really do. Just accept the fact that you have some issues to work through, and if shit goes sour with your high, just be ready to handle it appropriately. Sometimes your mind feels like it's not attatched, but that's not something to fear, it's normal. I remember several occasions where I could feel my consciousness "falling" but it's quite enjoyable when you learn to not be afraid.
    Also, about the fear of vomitting.. I mean, it sucks, but hey, your body is made so that it's able to vomit. It's a bodily function and if it happens, it'll happen and then you'll be fine again. No reason to fear it. Just keep a bucket nearby or a bathroom door open and ready just in case. Oh yeah, and put a bottle of mouth wash on the counter to get rid of nasty breath/taste in mouth.
    Thanks a lot for your input. It really helps a lot and I truly appreciate it. I will definitely keep this in mind next time I smoke and/or I revisit my panic attack.
  4. well, weed kills nausea. if anything it should be what youre smoking to fight the urge to smoke when you get an anxiety attack.

    beyond that its mostly a personal mental state issue. when you are comfortable in your mind all is fine. hard to accomplish sometimes no doubt, but its all that will ever truly help the root of the issues
  5. Yah, it's definitely a mental issue. A really annoying one I may add.
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    My knowledge in this area is a bit limited but I'll try to help with what I do know.
    Greening out is a term for someone who gets too high too fast and their tolerance level can't handle it, this usually causes nausea or vomiting. So as long as no one does anything beyond what they're used to it should be fine.
    When you go long periods of time without smoking your tolerance drops and you will get high more easily, so take how long you haven't smoked into account. If you go over a month without smoking you can get almost as high as your first time(For some people at least) so use that as reference.
    There are multiple types of highs, they can change depending on the quality of the weed, the piece you use, the time of day, and the color of the moon. But typically there's a body high and a head high.
    A body high is like a state of sedative couch locked relaxation. A head high is clearer, energetic, ready to do stuff. It's possible that one of these highs is more comfortable to you than both, you can control them a bit.
    Vaping will give you more of a head high and edibles will give you more of a body high. Experimenting with both will allow you to find what feels best for you, or even lets you change the type of high you want for the day and time.
  7. I can relate to your situation. I just got my card last week and like you i'm dealing with lots of pain taking opiates and anxiety pills. After taking two hits I felt paranoid and I keep telling my wife that I didn't know where I was, and afraid to even go to the living room. At that time, I was also thinking of getting rid of all weed related items. But the next day my mind cleared up a bit and I want to give it another try, but this time just one hit, and it felt better and encouraged to give it another try. Getting too high beyond your control especially with anxiety attacks can lead to trouble, just phase yourself.
  8. Yeah, during a panic attack the thoughts that keep coming to your head just make it worse that it makes it a never ending nightmare. It's like a snow ball rolling down a hill. It just keeps getting bigger and bigger and there's no stopping it. I'll definitely take slow steps up next time

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  9. Niice to hear people giving good advice( Timmmmehhh ) just put on up in smoke on dvd or whatever you got get some ice water and just relax :smoke:
  10. pot wasn't the cause of the anxiety...op already had anxiety problems from his childhood
    his existing phobia and resulting anxiety flareups were the problem.
    Underlying things, that already were present. Pot being consumed this time was coincidental.
    (op thought he would vomit, phobia kicked in, panic built up...panic attack...)
  11. sorry about your panic attacks bro, I get them often too and they suck. Maybe before you jump back in to smoking weed try smoking sleepy time tea? It's not so much a high you get out of it but it just kinda chills you out. That helps with my panic attacks and since I go to a church school and I can't get weed anywhere its what I'm stuck with until I find a new dealer. Good luck man
       Yeah, thats essentially the problem. Like I said in my post, panic attacks in general came completely out of the blue. I think its from family history. Me and my mother are so very alike, its scary. One of the most similar aspects that we share is that we both deal with the same anxiety issues, except mine didn't come but just a couple of years ago. She actually medicates herself, everyday. She uses it for anxiety and depression and also takes the same medication that I use. Thing is though, whenever I try to fight anxiety with cannabis, I haven't gotten the best results. The fact is that its different for everybody, which im sure everyone on here knows by now. I think I just need to find the right strain...
    sativas may aggravate that, being a head high, may want to lean towards indica dominate strains, and moderation.
  14. Yeah man, basically it's all in your head. When you feel anxiety coming on just remind yourself that and you'll be back to yourself in no time. Anxiety is kind of a bad habit you can train yourself to forget. Just try to stay positive. No matter what's going through your head realize that you're your own person and if you don't want anxiety attacks you don't ever have to have another one again. Keep yourself occupied with positivity. That way you won't even have time to waste on a panic attack.:smoke:
    Thanks man, I truly appreciate it :)
  16. Yeah, I have heard a lot that sativas can influence anxiety much more than indicas. I dont think I have smoked a sativa dominant before, only indicas. I want to try sativa, as I see a lot of people prefer it over indica, but I think I will wait once I completely sort out my anxiety issues (if that will even happen haha)
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    didnt read the whole post sorry
    what worked for me was gauging the potency take a small hit wait a couple minutes take another small hit rinse and repeat until desired effects
    if you start feeling anxious take a couple deep breaths and remind yourself WEED IS HARMLESS. when i would get like this i couldnt sit down and i couldnt think straight i would always go for a walk when it was nice out to clear my head and by the end of the walk i would feel a million times better
    if you are anxious around people then smoke by yourself until you are 100% comfortable with the people you are around (my bro of 7 years is the only one i can toke around) there is nothing wrong smoking by yourself in fact that is when the magic that is bud helps me the most 
    dont think that passing a hit makes you a pussy either if they give you shit about passing on a hit tell them your at your level stop being douches. learned this the hard way
    some other tips
    if you CAN pay attention when in that state turn on a good comedy (used to pull me right out when i could focus enough) if you CANNOT pay attention take a few deep breaths and get some food in you better yet walk to a mini mart and get some food an drink (if your not anxious about the clerk that is)
    if its a nice warm evening meditate in the sunset
    if its a warm day meditate under a porch
    pretty much anything that will get your mind off the anxious panicky feeling will work use combinations of shit you like doing.
    if you cannot get your mind off of it (have been times ive thought i was going to die 100%) begging god to save me type feeling well you will have to ride it out but it will make you stronger the next time knowing HEY i didnt die last time im going to be okay this time
    it sucks getting that way it really does but dont let it ruin that magic that is cannabis for you
    sorry if none of this is even close to what you where posting about
    Haha yeah its very intimidating just looking at it to read. Sorry for the super long post. You did however, help a lot. I will seriously keep in mind the whole meditation thing next time something like that happens. And yeah, these were one of those times that I felt like I was dying 100% even though in the back of my mind I knew I wasnt going to. Its just when you feel your heart beating so fast, it freaks you out. I dont think my heart has ever beat that fast before when I was panicking. (I might be wrong, but I was freaking out at the time hah) Thanks for your help man.
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    glad i could help
    an yea ive had that heart thing as well its EXTREMELY hard not to focus on a heart that feels like its going to jump out of your chest an it scares you to the point of "oh shit im dying"  my cardiologist (heart doc i have a messed up heart as it is) taught me a few tricks on how to slow it down. 1 get a nice sized bowl (or sink) of COLD COLD water ice helps and as fast as you can (dont pump yourself up) dunk your head in it should feel a decrease almost instantly. another trick would be taking 4 or 5 deeeeeep breaths of fresh air then hold your (left) thumb on your webbing between your (right) index finger an (right) thumb press really hard for a few seconds repeat as needed. also another method would be getting in a cold shower (of course you can turn the heat up anytime you want) if it starts again turn it cold again (not sound methods but should help at least 3 quarters of the time)
    reason for edit)
    (screwed up on the second method) (fixed now)
  20. [SIZE=medium]I know and have been in this situation far too often.  I used to smoke all the time in high school but then I quit for a few years.  When I started up again, I could not get high without getting this cold feeling convulsions and clenched jaw.  All I could think was “I'm gonna puke, I'm gonna puke…”.  I too, since I was eight years old, have had this unreal fear with vomiting.  I used to stay up at night worrying “today was gonna be the day I threw up”.  Ironically, drinking too much and puking has cured my negative obsession with throwing up-at least when I'm sober.  [/SIZE]
    [SIZE=medium]                I have had many panic attacks as well.  The attacks would happen in school or other public places where I thought I would make a fool of myself by throwing up.  Anyway, weed tends to make me nauseous and tightens my muscles.  I've been to the point where I had to leave the room, or even the party because of my weed bug outs.  I also clearly know what it's like to be in this situation and have everyone bug out that your bugging out.  Like “Oh shit, John is so screwed, he's done, wow, can you believe it?”  When this happens to me all I can think of is that I'm such a fool or whatever and this makes me more nauseous.  This is why when I'm helping people who are too fucked up, I talk gently and encouragingly, because I truly know what it's like in that lonely, hopeless place.  It really helps if you let one of your close friends in on your fear so that if you do decide to keep smoking, you two can have a signal or something if things get too heavy.  This way, he/she could stand up for you and make accommodations if you are unable to do so.  [/SIZE]
    [SIZE=medium]                Lastly, I would tell you to not give up smoking (if you were planning to) just significantly reduce the amount you intake.  Personally, I can't smoke on a blunt with the fellas, I only need a few hits for me to relax, without getting into my “panic high mode”.  I go very slowly to ensure I don't get a surprise influx of anxiety if the high comes on later.  Anyway, you are definitely not alone, good luck bro.  [/SIZE]

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