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panic attacks induced by weed.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by MrNice1331, Aug 12, 2012.

  1. im 18 and have been a regular token for a year and a bit. not once in my life have i ever had a panic attack until the other night. i just grabbed some strong bud and i went out to blaze. i came home and i was stoned out of my mind. i started feeling a pain in my mouth (gums and teeth) and i know that weed can heighten the sensitivity of areas of the body. i started freaking out cus the pain got really bad and i started to heat up and my heart was just going bonkers. ( i was also in a personal situation at the time of the attack that made me feel panicked cus i thought i fucked up large with this chick i really like and me being stoned, i was having a lot of thoughts going through my mind that also caused panic) got scared , dipped my house and bitched at my friend dealer cus i thought i had laced weed. turns out it wasn't laced. he suggested panic attack and i searched symptoms and i realized he was right. lately iv had a lot of stress at work and home sometimes and it doesn't help i work all spaced out. i haven't blazed since the panic attack because I'm cutting down. the funny thing is i feel the same panic sensation occur now when i get into stressful situations and i never felt that sensation before. I'm wondering if this happens to you guys and if i should be worried. also ill mention that i think my mom suffers from anxiety and my aunt is schizo. but i am 100% not schizo.
  2. dude i used to have those as a noob. just realize that your having one except it and let it take its course no matter how bad it gets and it will go away. as soon as you let go and face it and lose fear
  3. but am i more prone to this now cus i blaze?
  4. Bro, No sweat man Davidtokehead is right... I had panic attacks when I was younger and they fucked me over until I just accepted them and repeated told my self this phrase "If something is wrong with me, I would be Dead by now." okay hit the bong hard and chill.
  5. What's up with the weed these days? It use to be so fun and harmless and now, I'm seeing more and more negatives being posted on these forums. I haven't smoked in 4 months because everytime I smoke I would feel uncomfortable(slight anxiety). So what's the deal??
  6. Depends on the strain
    Sativas and Indicas, dude...
    Sativas usually cause anxiety at high doses and when in uneven settings...
    Indicas are chill, couch lock shit...
    Study study study!
  7. This happened to me and for a little more than a year every time I smoked I'd have a panic attack. The panic attacks also happen when I'm not blazed, I'm defiantly more susceptible to them now it sucks. Do in other terms your panic attacks may or may not got away unfortunately. The good news is you will eventually learn to deal with them and control them.
  8. since the attack is fresh in your mind, every time you toke up you will recall that experience and due to that you'll make yourself anxious again and catapult into a panic attack. i had a TERRIBLE weed induced panic attack once (never had any before or after that) after which every time I would toke my heart rate would just skyrocket so I quit for a while till I got my life back in balance and then started toking bit by bit, now i've been blazing all day again for the last year after this attack and i'm all good. just discover ways to relax yourself and know the more you direct your attention to anxiety-inducing thoughts, the bigger they will become. if you have areas in your life causing you stress, bring them into balance.

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