Panic attacks from smoking pot?

Discussion in 'General' started by kaykay1310, Mar 6, 2016.

  1. hi, so I just made this account. But I'm not sure where to get advice from.

    I started smoking pot about 4 years ago. And last year I started getting really bad anxiety attacks every single day. So when I'd smoke with friends my anxiety would just get worse and I'd freak out really really really bad and ppl would have to calm me down and I'd like cry and shit. I use to smoke pot really heavily everyday for about a year-year 1/2. It helped my depression and stress go away.

    So now I feel like my anxiety is like 98% gone. I still sort of get anxiety when I smell my friends pot smoke cause it just remind me of bad memories. But now I feel depressed again and I really really crave it sometimes.

    How do I control my self from panicking? And I'm scared it'll be hard to control my self when I'm on it. Or what do I do if I start freaking out? Oh and also there was this one time where all I could hear was my heart beating as loud as possible and it scared the shit out of me lol. Will that happen again?

    Thank you for reading and thanks for any advice given
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  2. Weed is not for everyone.

    Would people drink alcohol if it gave them panic attacks? Probably not.

    I used to get panic attacks too, switch strains and find your roll.
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  3. Who brings $600 worth of weed to go smoke lmao

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  4. Pretty sure he meant he was dealing.
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  5. OP - panic attack means you have a very low tolerance.

    Try smoking 1/3 of what you normally smoke, then stop for the rest of the night. Have a beer to go with it, as well as some food.. and your favorite beats.

    Failing that, then maybe weed is not for you. You don't have to try so hard to fit in. You'll probably enjoy alcohol more, since you probably have a more active mind than the average person.
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  6. I think a big problem in the weed community is the constant idea that pot is completely harmless in all ways. It can obviously be detrimental to you health and well being.

    I've had panic attacks after smoking pot a few times and I know that it is one of the worst feelings I've ever had. What I learned from it was that the attacks were caused by the way I was focusing on aspects of my life I wasn't happy with. Smoking pot can make you very self conscious.

    My advice would be to stop smoking weed at times when you should be focusing on things which are important. Make sure you are up to date with things that need to done. Only smoke weed when you are in high spirits. Smoke in environments you are comfortable in. Finally, smoke much less than you have been smoking, smoke 1/4th of what you usually would.

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