Panic attacks from certain strains? Different highs?

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  1. So I was getting bud from a friend for a while, it was good stuff. He went dry and I got some from a different friend, except this bud made me feel different. I couldn't sleep when I smoked it, I didn't feel too good. The next time I smoked it, I had a panic attack. I thought I was dying. I started getting bud again from the original guy, and I was fine getting super high. Feeling fine, no panic attacks, no lack of sleep. Does this sound like I smoked some laced stuff? Or is it possible that whatever strain it was caused a panic attack and the nasty feelings I was having?
  2. USUALLY Indica= relaxed, body, and couchlock high and Sativa Strains produce a more racy, heady and stay awake high.
    I for one dislike a heavy Sativa strain and enjoy a good Indica strain..That's why I grow my own (legal state).
    Stay with the 1st guy and let the 2nd guy know you like Indica or Indica leaning hybrids..JMHO
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  3. Different strains induce/promote different expeiences/reactions. That is true.

    "Dance with the one that brung you.”
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  4. Every weed strain has a fingerprint much like every person has a fingerprint. They all touch the brain in a slightly different way, so no you are not tripping.

    I for certain know that strains like Sour D and Green Crack will make me believe aliens are about to abduct me and shit and that kind of trippy is reserved for special occasions! If you happen to stumble across some MK ultra or Agent Orange and start hatching schemes to run the world it might be related to some pineapple express kinda vibe, ya feel me?

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  5. citicoline.... if you are going to try different thc variety unknowns and have had panic already use citicoline to alleviate thc induced anxiety ( especially out of control high dose edibles) ... use citicoline 3 to 5 times more then the percentage thc ingested. black peppercorns are great too for anxiety and help to metabolize thc @ the cb receptor site which makes for a cleaner, better high... the science is beta caryophyllene ( terpene) in the pepper- cannabimimetics that activate cb receptor response as an agonist of cb1 receptor
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    Oh i feel you mistahsprklez. Green Crack i think I greened out on. However I have had similar experiences to what you describe on Green Alien. I will never disclose my exact location on this site but if I experienced your trips I could be abducted by aliens 4real!!!!! (My city has seen real aliens b4 and I'd assume if they ever returned it would be like 50 years later... which happens to be 2017. :eek2: They crashed in my town in 1947 on July 8th and I was born in that same town in 1995 on September 8th. (48 years and two months later). Coincidence? I think not.

    I digress... But that some crazy shit yo. And I do foreal emphasize with u fam but on a different tone. White Widow had me always wanna pretend I'm Estella Havisham from Great Expectations. Those times were happy but sooo trippy it felt similar to PTSD flashbacks I experience when triggered. Usually weed helps my PTSD but that stain was a different thing entirely. :confusedalt:
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  7. DAFUQ were you smoking when you wrote that? That's all I need to know.
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  8. I'm smoking Spacedawg lol it started as me havin fun just fuckin around but it's very eerie how both of those numbers are 8...

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  9. Spacedawg eh? Seems like it might be Chem's Sister crossing jordan to meet up with the infamous Space Queen. I once had a bad accident on the trainwreck voyage trying to secure just a couple grams of the other side of the border of Tahoe OG. Turns out it was a mission to find the next safezone like in Left 4 dead 2 because my wheel straight popped off my skate as I was halfway home but I wasn't about to lose the loot. Some good trees get you in the jungle fever mindset straight trippin ballz!
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