panic attack while smoking? has this happened to you out of nowhere?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Hash breatha, Aug 16, 2012.

  1. I use to smoke everyday all day for like 3 years. Been sober for 4 months smoked a bowl and panicked? This has never happened to me before. Any advice on why this happened.or simular stories with detail?
  2. it happens to the best of us, the reasons are too many for anyone to tell you why it happened to you, setting, the peope you are with, good day, bad day etc

    i guess for you its probaby because you smoked ike you used to do whie you had a toerance to it, since you took a break, which we cal tolerance breaks here, it made the weed kick your ass :)
  3. It happens. Used to happen to me all the time. I'd be like WTF?!?! Best thing is to not worry about it. You will not die from panic. You are not having a heart attack. and it will pass.

    If it's ruining your fun while smoking though, well....that's on you to decide how to proceed.
  4. Sadly this happened to my girl, started having panic attacks and had to quit for a while, left me tokin alone :(
    Oh well aint stoppin me!:smoke:
  5. sometimes i feel like shit when i smoke or..recently because i had a bad trip..sometime when i get high i feel like i dont want my dogs..which sucks cause i love them but i cant get over the
  6. I've had a panic attack/bad trip on weed once. I kept thinking that my neighbors were looking at me through their window while I was toking, but it ended up just being me tripping and thinking they were.
  7. Idk if thats a panic attack man, i feel like that all the time when i toke in public especially in broad daylight..

    Op it's just mind over can't die from weed, you have nothing at all to worry about..
    I'm out of weed and feel like i might have a panic attack lol...
  8. My best friend actually had a really bad panic attack while he was high several years ago and has gradually progressed into not smoking buds at all anymore. Before that, he smoked practically every day for years. Shit happens haha

    If you hadn't smoked for 4 months before hand, you probably just blazed a little too much. Try taking just a few rips next time you smoke and go from there. It's easy to control how high you get, don't overdo it!
  9. You're not used to the sensation of being high you gotta work back into it.
  10. Happened to me once, theyre nothing to worry about just stay calm and drink some water, but fuck biggest buzz killer.
  11. seen it with vitamins...
    seen it with alcohol...
    seen it from being to near the girl/boy they have a crush on...
    seen it when some celebrity touched a fan...

    the 'panic' is all in your heads, you 'freak out' while 'high',feeling effects of the 'drug' you are not used too...nothing bad really had happened, you just thought it was...
  12. I get like that when I smoke too much, or smoke a really strong sativa.

  13. iv had panic attacks a few times when tokin the worst time was my first one after a while i learnt to control them and make them go away havnt had one in a while now.

    when you get one you need to take deep breathes and remember its all in your head and drinking water helps also. i like to go for a walk with one of my mates who will usually help calm me down

    hope you don't get them again they suck and if you do hopefully you can make it go away :)
  14. I used to get like that everytime time I took a long break and smoked again. I've had many panic attacks so I didn't even care when i got another one. I always recognized it, took nice deep breathes, and it goes away quick. You have to remind yourself that you only smoked weed and you're fine. It might feel like you can't breathe, but YOU ARE BREATHING. I have anxiety and shit so it's expected, but has gotten a lot better.

    I used to have panic attacks at any random time throughout the day, but doesn't happen anymore. I think my mentality about the attacks has just made them disappear. It really is all in your head, and once you learn to deal with it, it will probably just go way.

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