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Panic attack?? What could it be?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Interstella5, Aug 11, 2011.

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    Sorry this is so long but i believe you will find this interesting and i want to get to the bottom of this so any help is greatly appreciated :rolleyes:

    So firstly I'd like to say that I have been smoking for less than a year so this experience was very new to me. Today I went to six flags magic mountain with some of the homies and before we went we decided we needed to be blazed out so we can have 10x more fun on the rides.

    This is how my day goes (for data purposes so you guys can know everything that happened before my tragic ass panic attack or whatever it was). I wake up at 8:30 am and shower and get ready. I eat a plate of spaghetti regular size not too much not too little at about 9:30, and take my routine vitamin pill of One a Day Mens Health. I pick up from my connect at about 10:30 and from there we go to a supermaket to buy apples for blazing and mangos to eat before we blaze. They ended up being broke as F and I bought 2 apples and a mango just for myself. I eat about half of it in the car and 5 minutes later we blaze up like 3 bowls in total with the apples (i know youre supposed to eat mangos way earlier but we were in a rush) and at 11 we set off for six flags. I live in the so cal area so it was about a one hour drive and at 12:15ish we were in the six flags parking lot and we smoked about 2 more bowls but before we left i smoked an extra bowl to myself but i killed it in like less than a minute so we can leave (you can imagine how fast i smoked the bowl).. So at about 12:45 we are inside and in line for Viper. At this point im pretty damn high but not the highest ive ever been, and my two friends were high as well but not as much as me. Oh yeah the strain is orange crush by the way, and it was hot as balls today i would say it was in the 90-95 region w/ the sun hitting you full on. I was also wearing shades because the sun was so bright. Oh and one last thing I didn't eat much yesterday so i definitely had an empty stomach before the spaghetti, and the vitamin pill has never been an issue with mary jane so i don't think it was that.

    So when the crazy shit happens is about 20 minutes into waiting in line for Viper. Before we went into the line, I took my shades off since we were in the shade. Anyway at about 20 minutes into the line I start to have those waves of lightheadedness where my vision starts to fade a little and i feel really flushed. I rub my eyes with my fingers and the exact points of contact that i put my fingers on my eyes become totally blind and it starts to slowly engulf my entire vision. The best way i can describe this moment is that I was really lightheaded and "flushed" and i slowly started to lose my vision and began to see really bright bright bright colors and dots to the point that i can LITERALLY SEE NOTHING but that. I tell my homie that im starting to trip out

    Me: Ey man im starting to trip out i dont feel good, i needa get out of the line
    Friend: Alright then lets go you alright?
    (at this moment i reach my hands out for his arm so that i can keep balance)
    Me: dude i cant see shit youre gonna have to lead me out (in my head at this moment im going crazy thinking im going blind and that im having a terrible reaction to something i took earlier mixed with mary jane)

    So my friend leads me out for about 10 seconds but then i slowly start to get my vision back so i go solo but can barely make my way and make out the other people in the line behind us [so embarrassing but i didnt care i was fearing for my life at the moment]. Right after i get out of the line i go to the nearest bench and sit down. I just sit and try to relax and ride it out. A minute later my friends come asking if im alright and we go to the panda express right next to Viper and they get me a terriyaki bowl. They took about 10 minutes in line so in those ten minutes i was sitting at the table tripping balls because I can HARDLY see like literally it was very hard to make out a cup of soda right in front of me so i just tried to be as patient as I could and in those 10 minutes the effects i stated earlier just started dissipating slowly. I forgot to mention that i was REALLY REALLY sweaty like i was in full perspiration mode my entire body just felt wet. So I eat the bowl and i feel pretty ok and we walk around for a bit and im having no problems.

    The second and last wave comes when were in line for Deja Vu and it slowly creeps up on my and i waste no time by telling the guys ill be back and the same god damn effects come back but about 70% as powerful as the first time so it wasnt as bad as before. Anyway i waited an hour for them to get in the ride and out and after that everything was gravy but for that hour of time from the beginning of the first "panic attack" or whatever it was was just hell. I honestly thought i was gonna be blind for good and i really considered going to the medics inside the theme park but i rode it out with patience (i can imagine any weak minded person would cause a huge scene if they were in my shoes.)

    I've read on some of these threads that it could be a panic attack or low blood sugar or i just smoked too much, but honestly in my opinion i think it was the heat and my body not being hydrated enough, and since i was blazed out it made all the effects feel 10x more dramatic. What do you guys think? Maybe my subconscious was getting scared of going on the rollercoasters while i was baked? (I love rollercoasters though never had a fear of them)

    PS i apologize for being a lame marijuana enthusiast by exploiting the greatness of a bowl by just violating it in a quick minute. Won't happen again
  2. Maybe your dehyrdated...

    When I smoke a lot of dank with out eating/drinking good before I will feel bad and black out and stuff
  3. damn to be honest you should see a doctor. It doesn't sound like tunnel vision, which is a signal of a panic attack. maybe a blood sugar issue? And the sweat is prolly paranoia and anxiety stemming from whatever it was.
  4. This is the first time i've ever had an experience like this sober or high, so i might exaggerate on the details but yeah it def wasnt tunnel vision because it was my entire vision. It wasn't just like a black screen though it was just really bright colors that didn't let me see anything at all

    BTW i did go on some of the more intense roller coasters afterwards and i didnt get any trip outs other than a small feeling of lightheadedness but thats it
  5. THIS Happens to me usually when I smoke right after I wake up. Especially if it's a hot day, I'll start to hear ringing and my vision will fill up. The lightheaded-ness is very strong with all these effects, and my only cure is to sit down and let it pass. I never found a reason why this happens... it sucks though for sure.
  6. Saying any of that is marijuana is wrong. Please go see a doctor an. Don't be afraid to tell him you smoked.
  7. that happened to me once when i was working out and high,
    i dont think is cuz your high cuz i thought it was cuz of my high too,

    its a misunderstanding its probably from dehydration or just the heat dude.

    Ive been there too loll
  8. smoking dehydrates you. sweating dehydrates you. heat dehydrates you. you didnt each much yesterday. that was probably the reason
  9. I've had a few similar experiences, all of which I concluded were due to different triggers.

    One of them was dehydration, which sounds a lot like what happened to you. Loss of vision, light headed, dizziness, etc. Probably just needed a big bottle of water with you.

    Or, it could have been a panic attack, but you only sported physical symptoms at first, whereas in a usual panic attack, you have horrible feelings of something approaching that isn't good, and feel like you're going to die, or think it's a heart attack/stroke, so I doubt it was that, but it could have been.

    I'm not sure though, it could be something else. Those are just my two best guesses.

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