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panic attack problem

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by triceratops, May 26, 2010.

  1. #1 triceratops, May 26, 2010
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    Ok, so I suffer from panic attacks pretty bad. Its not like I have serious debilitating problems due to it, but sometimes I'll start to feel really anxious for no reason at all. And when I smoke weed, it sometimes heightens the effect. A couple of weeks ago, I had a full blown panic attack right after smoking a bowl. It seriously felt like I was having a brain hemmhorage or something.

    Do any of you get panic attacks? Does smoking heighten the effects? have you cured it? what do you do to help yourself? i've heard therapy does wonders, but i can't afford that sort of thing. breathing treatments just make me focus on it more.

    it feels like a heart attack sometimes, other times just a bubble of anxiety in my chest. when i smoke, anything can set it off. if i have a headache, i'm about to have an aneurysm. if my tummy hurts, my appendix is about to rupture.

    it's a common problem in my family. the only thing that fixes it when i'm stoned is to play some video games or something that takes my full attention, but I usually smoke with my girlfriend and every guy knows you can't play video games in front of your girl. also she is getting super annoyed i'm sure because i'm such a downer when its happening.

    i don't smoke that often, i'll get a sack about every two weeks and smoke the hell out of it. i normally smoke regs. it's not the weed, its me.

    I just want to learn how to chill out, which is really tough when you know chilling out isn't the answer to your problems. lol.


    edit: it should be known i'm not new to smoking, and my tolerance isn't really low. the panic attack i referenced before was after smoking every day for about a week. i also do not like kb's or body highs very much. its different than what i'm used to.
  2. I used to have really bad anxiety and is a reason to why I missed so much schooling. Parents never believed in phsyciatrists or having me checked out so I pretty much had to deal with it. Thing I taught myself is just to relax and to stop caring. There is no reason to have a panic attack/anxiety EVER, we all die eventually right? I still do get them but this has helped.
  3. :smoke:hey man.. I suffered (yes suffered :)) from anxiety attacks and what not.. really bad actually.. and when I smoked it would make my anxiety worse.. But I take LexaPro for anxiety and I dont have anxiety no more.. so im hoping to ween off the pill and hopefully keep control.

    but honestly, its all in your head. control your mind, control your life.

    THE BEST ADVICE I CAN GIVE YOU IS TO TAKE SLOW DEEP BREATHS. Your heatbeat gets fast when you have anxiety and the best way to help it is to slow down your hearbeat.. hope I helped.
  4. this is what I was trying to say basically, haha.
  5. Try just getting a little high and work up to a normal high. I get anxiety if I go to an 11 on my high scale.
  6. if you normally smoke regs, maybe you should try some dank/medical shit. (if u can get ahold of it.) The high might be more calming, clear, etc.
  7. i can't really get ahold of anything, and when i can its way overpriced.

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