Panic attack and smoking

Discussion in 'General' started by Ganjaman101, Jul 1, 2019.

  1. Alright when I was balls deep in this shit I was searching everywhere for a answer and just thought I would try to help but it started out smoked a blunt with a dude after a break for awhile got really high had to leave work then started having panic attacks at work because of that because my body associated that place with that panic when you get fucked up it got to the point where I could not leave the house with out a panic attack and smoking would fucking chunk me off the edge and would have disassociated feeling every time but I finally broke and got mental help the gave me 50 mg Zoloft that helped but eventually upped it to 100 mg and propenal blood pressure meds that help with the physical symptoms of the
    Panic attacks but I took this shit for a couple mouths maybe little more smoking and drinking while on it then just stopped and was completely fine I felt normal again and after a year of trying to fight that shit felt so fucking good man but if your going through this go get help for real you will not regret it idk about bezos and shit but Zoloft definitely saved my life man and btw I be smoking tf down to hopefully this helps someone
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  2. Quit drinking. I used to have really bad panic attacks when I came back to cannabis use over pain meds for my pain. My pulse was high already due to the pills and alcohol. When an attack hits me, i take a long hot shower to chill out. I no longer have panic attacks now that my tolerance is up tho.
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  3. Mind over matter. If I ever start to feel to amped up I just say to myself it’s the weed it’ll pass just give it 30 min n keep busy focusing on something besides the overwhelming feeling.
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  4. Stop mixing booze n pills .
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  5. Hey dude i just read your post about thr panic attacks. Exactly what i been looking for not many come back to post and update after the shit has passed so thank you for that my man. Are you smoking again now? Im same it broke me 50mg zoloft 6 weeks in upped to 100mg now im 10 weeks into the zoloft thinking of smoking scared i will spiral back into the depression and anxiety never been an anxious person but these panic attacks changed me bro i couldnt smoke without having one because my body associated the high with panic even though it wasnt weed that caused the first one. Any advice for would be hugely appreciated.
  6. I should have said stop drinking booze and stop taking pills all together. Drink water and eat fruit and vegys Slowly switch from smoking or vaping to editables and tinctures,and if you do smoke or vape,make sure its organic.Deep breathing exercises help alot with everything,when you inhale,in thru the nose it creates a chemical to increase oxygen intake, a 3'' expansion of your chest is optimum , Chi Gong exercises have worked for me for 3 decades,anytime, anywhere instant anxiety and depression help. ''The way of energy'' by Lam kam chuen. is a Great book. When im feeling down i think bout so many who've had so much less, and who have suffered so much more,that thought should help you,i'm sure you can do it because so many others have,thats what helps me.

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