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Panic attack 190+ bpm

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by scrxm, Jan 29, 2014.

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  2. Just smoke less next time. Not a full bowl. Maybe a quarter bowl. So one bowl got you 5 bong rips, a quarter bowl will give you 1 bong rip. Maybe 10/15 min later take half a rip (so an eighth of a bowl)
  3. wait for urine Results
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  6. you said it yourself "really really dank" and that's why.
  7. well weed causes panic attacks and i believe if your prone to panic attacks then weed may just trigger them for you.
    it could be because you smoked too much i guess.
    what i would say is if your going to continue smoking, smoke less (like what you usually smoke)
    but be careful because it seems that you are prone to panic attacks at least when you get high so
    i mean it could happen again. although panic attacks aren't deadly thats an extremely high bpm lol
    read this, anyway.
  8. Well my mom is very prone to panic attacks... She was telling me that she tried an edible one time and had an extreme panic attack(yes my parents blaze) so maybe it runs in the family
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    My advice is to stop smoking chemically enhanced mad shit ("dank"...ugh...what a word...) Find someone who just deals regular old weed with a good balance between THC and CBD. Or grow your own organic herb. Or just slow down and take it easy. Unfortunately experiences like this can now program your mind to react like this more often. Like a psychosomatic response or some shit. 
    I don't smoke anymore due to not being able to grow my own in my current situation and just not wanting to smoke the shit that's available. I'd like more control and knowledge over what i'm putting in my body. 

    Others will disagree with me and that's fine but I think the modern strong ganj can bring about issues like this a lot more. It's becoming more and more common to hear about it. Plus, even though what you experienced was "just" a panic attack...your heart going nearly 200bpm is just bad news.

  10. yeah the reason the medics thought it was laced is because they said they have had about 5 cases of the same thing in the past week! My dealer just told me that it was real really dank and maybe i just smoked to much in a quick amount of time
    Yeah. That's not good (the medics having 5 cases in the past week). Ganja is natural, yes, but I reckon the way it is grown now is not. It's like pumping cows with growth hormones to produce more meat etc ; seems better at first but problems arise. 

    Nature knows best. 
  12. yeah... but it wasn't laced with anything because emu urine sample only showed marijuana... My dad said its probably some extremely dank thats been going around
  13. as I always point out to people...the OP of scary story post are;
    • noob accounts
    • supported by noob accounts
    • use/repeat/imply old debunked propaganda/myths as the core of the story
    • refer to a DOCTOR that 'said so...'
    take  it for what you will...I sure smell anti mj/mmj male bovine excrement. (or is it BACON?)
  14. When we got home my dad asked if he could see my bud.. my dad agreed that it was very very potent.. and he's ben smoking for over 30 years so i trust him ahhaa
  15. What? this is a true story as it happened yesterday...... I don't appreciate how you deny the authenticity of my post.
  16. Yeah, not saying it was laced man. Just grown in an un-natural environment. Like GM crops etc. (I don't wish to debate GM and shit in here, it always seems to provoke argument and then insult so yeah.) 

    Hopefully you can continue to just enjoy the weed.
    You will be fine. 
  17. ohhh alright i understand... thanks man happy toking
  18. it was just a panic attack..they're harmless honestly even though sometimes they can trick into thinking that you're going to die or some shit. either get over it or quit smoking, those are your two options.
  19. I've had many panic attacks but I never checked my pulse during one. One time I got arrested for Drunk in public and they took me to this detox center and I had to stay there for like 10 hours and they woke me up and took my pulse and it was 150 bpm for a while provably bcuz I was super dehydrated and hadn't had shit to eat.
  20. I'm slowly easing myself back into toking. I've got some dank sativa green crack and after just 2 medium size hits out of my pipe my standing heart rate was between 85-95.

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