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  1. I was watching Manswers on Spike, bunch of random shit but then comes panhandling. There was a guy they were going on about who lives fine, not homeless but panhandles and at the best pushes $49 dollars an hour! This isnt the most honest work but I wouldnt say I'm morally against it at all.

    I worked fast food, hated the job, was treated like shit and the building was fucked up with the vents not being above the grill I was working at... a fucking greasy hot ass hell hole that left a stink so hard to wash off (could say I'm not a fan of del taco anymore) and that was for $6.75 an hour. All while some panhandler siting in one place, cup in front of him not even needing to hold his hands up could get a $5 bill from a generous person.

    I would have more respect for myself panhandling then I did wearing that apron and hat busting my ass for barely enough to scrap by. Especially while there are people out there that have found their own ways to get by much more comfortably living by their own standards, although they took a different route then everyone else they're still content with their lives and enjoy it.
  2. Fo sho' man. You gotta do what you gotta do. Shame aside!

    Spare change for whiskey or cheap hookers never hurt anyone!;)

    Getting paid by the hour at some assfuck job isn't getting paid at all. They're really kicking you down with some spare change so you can shut your mouth and believe your time is actually worth that much. :rolleyes:
  3. Yeah, respect is worth somethin too. My job kinda sucks right now, but I have my respect ya know;)
  4. but at the end of the day at least you worked for your money, idk about any of you but when i work for something it just feels better owning it (like rolling a blunt, you ALWAYS get higher off your own blunt than someone else's)
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    This isnt really panhandling, he's at least entertaining on the streets to earn it. Thought i would share this cause it did have be laughing at the last part.

    [ame=""]YouTube - Best Panhandler[/ame]

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