Panera's New Idea: No Prices

Discussion in 'General' started by alisvltprpiis83, May 25, 2010.

  1. I came across this article when I was reading the news.
    Panera Bread is testing out a new pilot restaurant concept in Clayton, MO.
    The concept: Non-Profit Restaurant... ie: No prices, pay what you want/can.
    This is so neat!
    However, I'm not sure if it will catch on, since it might really confuse people, since Americans usually don't ever haggle.
    Non-Profit Panera Restaurant: Pay What You Want At Pilot Location

  2. if they were online delivery pay-what-you-want i would approve
  3. A non-profit restaurant....what a great business idea.
  4. Again, great idea on paper, but the natural human element (greed) wont let it happen

    I never really thought about it but if every business was non-profit, that would be pretty awesome
  5. I've always felt that this is how music and bud should be distributed...just give what you can.

    I'm not sure how well this works for a restaurant.
  6. that would be sweet if this worked out. if it did then other places would start doing it. but idk, guess will have to keep an eye on it.
  7. it's gonna work for sure. Why? Because Panera Bread sucks! that's why, lol. Seriously, all their food is stale, its the worst artificial bakery in the world. One time, I went there with a friend and he had a girlfriend who worked there, and because I was in "high" company, I got to eat free. Suffice it to say, the food was so blah it wasn't worth much in the first place. So, I always wondered how the "Bread" made money in the first place.
  8. I would exploit that!
  9. I doubt this will work....people are just going to start paying pennies and get away with it. I wish it was happening here :(
  10. KFC should of come up with that idea...:rolleyes:

    Well I've been to Clayton, MO and there really isn't much to the place since it's so damn small. I don't see too many problems occuring from there but I wouldn't take that to St. Louis or any bigger city.

    I can already see what would happen...
  11. If the food is good, I'll take into account the resturant and it's upkeep, service, and pay from that.

    I like the idea. But it's ripe for failure.
  12. It might work.. if the minimum price to pay is $1 each item. Sort of like a dollar store restaurant? Who would eat that junk?

  13. Wish my local Panera would do this... greedy scum. :cool:
  14. You're really living up to your name, aren't you? (just kidding)

    You must have had one aweful experience there. I'm assuming you're from Madison, WI? If so, I can probably guess which restaurant you went to. I've been to that location before and it rocked. Definitely try that one again, or visit another one out of town.
  15. Panera bread is pretty me. I spent like $7 for a small sandwich and drink. I was still hungry afterwards :mad:
  16. It really is.

    But those bread bowls with some broccoli cheddar soup... instant woody..
  17. I have never tried that but it sounds dank as hell...especially high :smoking:
  18. If Arbys implemented this, I would pay 100$, go into the store, and get an all you can eat buffet of these;

  19. Ohhhh man Royksopp you gotta try it out.

    1/2 sandwich with bread bowl combo. Frontega Chicken panini as the sandwich.

    I feel almost obligated to go make that purchase now.
  20. Taco bell has lines that can wrap around the restaurant. People mostly don't care about the quality of their food, they just want it cheap.

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