Panera Bread, you're so cool.

Discussion in 'General' started by TheHempress, Aug 16, 2008.

  1. I'm sitting in the parking lot playing hooky from work. I've got weed, cigs, a nice cold organic peach tea, an everything bagel and free Wi-Fi on my laptop. There's a nice breeze and it's a beautiful day. :smoke:

    Is anyone else having a nice day?
  2. serious? i used to work there for a year so i'm allowed to tell you how much i hate panera. sure the food and drinks and atmosphere is nice... if you're not behind the counter. :D

    but they do got some bomb ass green tea/lemonade mix with a cinnamon crunch bagel and hazelnut cream cheese -- im good!

    bout to have a nice day so keep on having a good one hempress!
  3. Just wakin up from a 13 hour nap and smoked a bowl, hell yes my day is going good. :smoke:
  4. this makes me want to hit them up for a sierra turkey sandwich and some soup. So delicious - and they have Jones "D'peach Mode".. such a yummy beverage

  5. I worked there once, too. For about a week six years ago! :laughing: That was a crazy time in my life. Oh my, the company I kept then.

    That's what I'm drinking! :D
  6. why is panera so bad to work at?
  7. i wish there was a panera near here. mmm....
  8. My day is just starting. Its a nice day outside and Im about to go for a walk, so Id say its gonna be an ok day.

    PS Penara Bread rules

  9. more like a coma. haha

    yea im doin good. still a bit hungover but gatorade and my bong is fixing that right now.
  10. i just got paid but i'm trying really hard to make it last until next weekend so its not all gone a week before my next paycheck.

    so i'm inside in my PJ's watching pirates of the caribbean about to smoke a bowl. I'll probably take a shower later and maybe read a book
  11. Haha, I worked at a Panera Bread in my town (just quit b/c I'm moving for school) and loved it. It's all about the management anywhere you work, and we just had a great time there...
  12. true. all about management. but last i heard, they fired all the good managers and replaced them with bitchy ones. i don't know. everything about my panera was fucked up (management). started tellin us we can't take the chips anymore, make free sandwiches when we're hungry, we have to report everything dropped, couldn't take home anything from the pastry section at the end of the night anymore. it just sucked. only good thing was.. everyone that worked at mine was young and everyone smoked weed. i just have a lot of hate for that place..
  13. Slept for 11 hours, ran 5 miles, checked out the GC community and now time to cook up an omlete, waffles, sausage, bacon, and a bagel with some cream cheese. It truly is a good day.
  14. I can't believe they don't call it St Louis Bread Company outside of St Louis....

    what a rip off
  15. Panera is good but kind of expensive...I'm lucky enough to be friends with 4 people who work at our local one though so I just stop in anytime and get free food, and sometimes smoke bowls with them if they're not real busy.
  16. Ah...nothin like a good bowl of baked potato soup and a bacon turkey sandwich....:D

    Fuck now I have to have one.
  17. Well, it's cold as fuck outside but I'm doing it again. Bacon Turkey Bravo ftw. I've been sitting at this corner table drinking Earl Grey and browsing the City for the past three hours. :laughing:
  18. I'd like to know where in PA you live to get a beautiful day this time of year :smoking: cause it sucks where I am in PA.
  19. Psst....look at the post date! :D
  20. Playing hooky from work again?

    I've got half a mind to report you to your employer!

    Nah, that'd be too much work.

    What's Panera Bread, anyway?

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