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Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by DaZeDShAdOw, May 24, 2010.

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  1. Yes I may not be the most respected member but have been lurking on here for a very long time and some people may have seen a few of my post....but anyway, It kind of makes no sense that a community of grown adult and people that are supposed to have "open minds" would close threads just because "some" people were getting childish. Not everyone, just some people.

    The city is really getting different and just keeps getting more and more strict and is kind of bullshit and im sure a lot of members would agree. No I'm not mad at the mods I'm mad at the situation but w.e.

    Also im pretty sure pandoras box kept a lot of people from a doing a lot of stupid shit that could have killed them or talked them out of doing stupid shit but anyway just some feedback.
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  3. and just because something changes its for the better or you have to agree on it? I mean its fine if people dont give a shit but damn u probably werent one of the ones who enjoyed some of the threads or posted there...
  4. The changes were for the better, believe it or not. You can accept it and continue posting, or you can be defiant and leave.
  5. I'm sorry, dude. I am heartbroken about what happened too but it is what it is. Maybe if people would have listened instead of just posting whatever the hell they wanted and having RMJL and the mods go through thread after thread after thread telling the people to please read the stickies in regards of what you can post or not, this would have never happened. Plus, some of those threads really were getting out of hand. I thought psychedelics were going to be allowed and the city seemed to have been okay with that decision but it seems like SJ said it was either all or nothing. It sucks but there are other forums to check out :/
  6. it was a place with some good info, i learned a lot from pb over the years (as a guest). however, it was also probably the highest concentration of underage kids on the site aside from apprentice tokers, and had a lot of people just being straight up stupid about the way they handled themselves.

    i mean, it's a shame that those boxers who did oblige by the rules and cooperate may go somewhere else as there was a sense of brotherhood (or something like that) within the box that i don't notice nearly as much in the rest of the city. but, the fact is when someone's livelihood is affected by some bullshit that somoene 2000 miles away posts on the interwebz... that's a big deal. it's never easy being the bad guy.
  7. It wasn't just "some people", or "some people" could have just been banned and the box run as it was. It was a constant stream of new and old people ignoring the rules, and generally wasting the mods time each and every day.

    I doubt these threads will end for months, and there will still be people having conversations like this in a years time:

    Bob: "Hey do you use Grasscity, that place is dope!, i just found it!"
    Tom: "No, GC used to be cool, but i cant talk about crack and benzos anymore, it sold out"
    Bob: "um, isnt it about grass? i found all the info i wanted on setting up my growroom, and how to clean my bong properly"
    Tom: "fuck them, they killed the vibe man"
    Bob: "umm, ok dude, I like it, and I'm going to stick around"

    Honestly i'm not fussed about the changes, People who are interested in Pot will still join Grasscity in the future, and get exactly what they're looking for, and people that want info on other drugs will join communitys specificly for thier needs.
  8. Nicley Put ^^^
  9. Seems kinda harsh to punish EVERYONE for the actions of a few. Maybe instead of just taking away the discussion they could have added a couple Mods to deal with the problems...Also, "The best counter-culture community"? Maybe you should change that logo, since your basically saying "talk about what we tell you to talk about or were gonna get you" and that kinda goes against the spirit of the counter culture...but i know, i know [​IMG], right?

  10. It's not getting more strict at all :rolleyes: (besides the banishment of being able to discuss/appreciate meth, heroin, crack, pharmaceuticals and such but members were warned for months that it was coming). The rules are just being enforced on a more regular basis and we're making more of an effort to keep this a mature, adult site rather than an immature, kiddie site.

    Exactly. :)
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