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Discussion in 'General' started by BlazinBlizzard, May 22, 2010.

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  1. Its extremely sad to finally see pandoras box ban all other drugs. I mean I love MJ just like everyone else but to think Im never gonna click CP and see the offical *ACID* thread or LSD Adventures Guide or even my own pickup thread is a crying shame. The box was where alot of cool blades stayed, Im sure some of them will probably stop posting.

    Maybe its the best thing for GC, and I understand that the decision is final, but god damn.

    Im probably still gonna lurk around my medical thread, but I think GC is gonna be different now... for me at least.

    Here's to all the boxers out there. Peace & Pot GC.
  2. If what you're saying is true wouldn't the "Meth appreciation" thread be deleted/close?
  3. So how long do we have to hear people bitch about this decision?

  4. Well to someone like myself who mostly posted in the box, and posted a decent amount, its kind of a big deal. So yes this is my one time to...

    bitch. bitch. bitch. bitch. bitch. bitch. bitch.
  5. come on guys positive vibes man, lets just chill here

    smoke a lil to ease the stress ya know?

  6. Guess you'll have to venture outside the box. ;)
  7. This is news to me as of this very second.
    Ill restrain myself from throwing a tantrum over the internet, but this pisses me off.
  8. Speaking of vibes im getting some weird ones from the city as of late......No more quality threads, and everything is moderated to the tits. Maybe I have just been spending too much time on here. :confused:
  9. ive been noticing this too, it seems gc is becoming.. stricter with their rules.
  10. Im gonna miss Pandoras Box...there was so much useful information.
  11. What are you talking about i just checked it out and it seems to be the same....:confused::confused:
  12. Ill miss the box but only cause all the members I talked to will stop posting for the most. Otherwise tho I could give two shits about the threads in there.

    The Opiate Appreciation thread GLORIFIED opiate addiction and let me tell you heroin addiction is not glorius at all. Shit is sad when I would see members asking about Vike 5's to 6 months down the road asking where to get needles in that thread.
  13. [ame=]YouTube - Ba dum tssshhh[/ame]
  14. Aww damn, i didnt kno this until now, but thats shitty as hell..

    Cause all these people bitchin about shit all the damn time, "i dont think people should talk about opiates on this site..etc.."

    Just shut the fuck up and dont click on the shit you dont wanna see, it aint that complicated.. its the fuckin internet, learn how to use it.
  15. Hell yeah.
  16. Already threads on this in the correct forum, general feedback. ;)

  17. Actually, it was the members who posted in the Box that caused the ban on the discussion of other drugs. For many, many months the "other drug" users knew that if they didn't follow the guidelines for posting in there, we'd have to this route. They pushed it to the limits and this was the result.
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