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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Switch, Aug 19, 2003.

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  1. Just a little observation. Pandora\'s box- created for heated discussion by superjoint after an argument between two english members of the city about the death of the queen mother... hey mickey T. Since it seems that everyone talks about sex- no argument.... that\'s nice...
  2. We\'re just waiting for more people to die...
  3. ha ha ha lol ha ha ha ,yep [​IMG] p.s. Mickey T still calls in now and then.
  4. the box is a good warm place, full of lovin and....yea....

    plus its tasty here..... best place to post slander.

  5. speaking of which... gravy has sex with donkies!!!
  6. and just how would you know that ?????[​IMG]
  7. I can see him right now through his computer. How he fit a donkey through that door I\'LL NEVER KNOW- perhaps he has a secret trapdoor where the donkey lives... perhaps he brought it in as a baby donkey and reared it. All I know is that I see a donkey\'s hooves on the desk and gravy behind it pumping away.
  8. like those cats raised in the jars ???
  9. now it all makes sence :D.
  10. When you write it, it becomes libel.

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