pandora's box is slam-dunkin the BUNK!!!!

Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by thelastkennedy, May 22, 2010.

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  1. wtf is up with the box??? i say we get some freedom of speech up in this mother fucker!!! in the 5 years i've been here, the restrictions and regulations on the box have gotten stricter and stricter, and i dont like it :mad:

    the box used to be a place where you could tell gnarly war stories, brag about having better droogs than the next guy, and give someone advice when they NEEDED it.... now you have to wait a week for yer fuckin thread to show, (if it even DOES:rolleyes:)

    i say it's bullshit. no dosage advice on over-dosable drugs should be the only restriction.
  2. Doesn't matter that you say it's bullshit. You don't run the site, you don't pay for the bandwidth, and you don't have a business to uphold.

    I honestly don't see what everybody is bitching about. If you want to talk about dosages, and getting fucked up, and showing off pictures of your drugs, there are other places to do so. Superjoint has a livelihood to maintain, and if he says the kind of talk that was going on in the Box was detrimental to his business then that's all that needs to be said.

    The Box used to be my favorite place to post...then, for whatever reason, we had a huge surge of kids who joined and would incessantly post threads about DXM and DPH and getting "so fucked up man" off of CCCs and other dangerous bullshit. Just in the interest of keeping all those kids safe who happen to Google DXM, or some other drug, and see some of the ridiculous things people were posting here makes changing the Box worth it to me.

    Good riddance, I say.

  3. Cosigned
  4. it's a shame that psychedelics are out too but oh well
  5. The only Box I ever saw was "1001 ways to OD on Tylenol":(
  6. This is true, I've used DXM and DPH many times recreationally but to be honest, there were many 1-5 times posters who came on asking "how much 2 get fuked up dood". But damn the mods probably don't realize they just alienated a HUGE chunk of their users.
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    I am leaving this forum over what has happened recently, tonight alone dozens of posts were closed, such as the LSD appreciation thread, that members have been talking to each other on for almost 3 years....

    I will be switching to .

  8. HIGH All, yes we Know HippiesRule and it's Too Bad for them they Just stayed in The Box to Talk about DXM and much more to Life than Raiding the rents Med Cab.
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    So will I. And expect SJ's business to be taking a hit.

  10. Somehow I doubt that any large percentage of SJ's customer base were in pandoras box, or even use the forums.
  11. Ya but I Bought the Bong here so I could Crush my Pills to Snort
  12. I think that at least some were. He can't expect his business not to take a hit, even if it's like 1 percent. But yeah i just made an account on drugs-forum, it's under this username if anybody wants to hit me up. :wave:
  13. this was thought about before SJ made the decision.

    i think the feeling was that for the few orders he may have lost with this move.. he will gain back from the many who don't visit this site because of the things like "meth appreciation threads" and whatnot.

    i think the other forum is a good idea.. you'll probably get much more mature and accurate discussion of drugs over there.. and not a shit ton of threads from 15 year olds about drinking cough syrup and things.

    only time will tell how this move effects Grass City.. and luckily the internet is still a free place where we can chose what sites we want to visit and what sites we don't.

    the decision wasn't made as a big fuck you to those who post in the box.. it was strictly a business/legal decision.. and a very difficult one at that.

  14. Just for your sake, pick some place where you don't have to SWIM and SWIY and talk about your albino chinchilla and can of Coke doing drugs :laughing:

    It'll suck seeing some of y'all go, of course (although I won't miss some who have already pledged to leave) but I just still don't see what this big deal is. This is Grasscity, not Grass-plus-everything-else-city. I think a return to what the forums were originally intended to be will be good for the membership. Maybe some of those who refuse to follow the rules anyway will just up and leave, and the forum will start getting back to the way it was even just 2 years ago.

    And I doubt Superjoint's business will take any appreciable hit from this move. I know I purchased things from the shop for a couple years before I ever noticed the forums, and I'm sure there are many, many more just like that.
  15. Thanks for the shout-out stoner_lukas. (I'll won't miss some of you who have pledged to leave) Just because I mentioned that I might overuse some drugs that were prescribed to me by a doctor.

  16. Yeah, you definitely weren't in that shout out. You're a nobody to me. I'm talking some of the people in the Box the other night who decided to start posting nasty pics and act like fools just because they heard of what was going on.

    But thanks for assuming :wave:
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    LOL! :rolleyes: First of all, a very small percentage of SJ's business comes from forum members as it is. Out of that very small percentage, the loss of the fraction of a percent of the business that stems from those who are angry about this move is something he can deal with.

    I know for a fact that there are people who avoided Grasscity and refused to buy from Grasscity due to the discussion of other drugs, shooting up, etc... So, SJ's business will be just fine so please don't feel the need to be concerned.

    It's not like this discussion is going to change things because the decision is final. Those who came here simply to discuss other drugs have been well aware that this was going to take place and they caused it to take place; so, I'm going to go ahead and kill this thread.

    To all of the members who have PM'd us thanking us for the change, you are quite welcome. :)
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