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  1. Hey guys, have u checked this site out??

    Just stumbled across it, type in what music u like, and it finds similar stuff, I just found a rapper called JT money, tight cd
  2. Yea I found that a while back. It really helped me discover a whole bunch of music that I like but had never even listened to before.
  3. I lov the way they add to your playlist depending on what yo "like or "dont like". And they are right on with the genres.. they match everything.. from the percusion, to the tempo, to the rhythm, its really well done i think.. Im suprised it hasnt gotten bigger yet.
  4. yea thats a cool site. . .JT Money is old school haha. Hoo dat hoo dat hoo dat
  5. **Bump** this site is the shit.
  6. yeah Pandora is the pretty awesome. I got into some good bands that I would have never listened to because of that site.

    The Radiohead and Beatles stations gives you some of the best music!
  7. I love Pandora. Finally some place that looks at the aspect of the music and bases other songs on it rather than "well... fans of this band tend to like this other band so we'll play it."

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