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Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by ChronicColossus, Feb 21, 2009.

  1. Let me share my profile with you. If you've got a music profile there - share it with the city as well! :hello:

    I need more stations and what better people to ask than fellow stoners who like music just as much as i do. so comment away, diss away, share radio stations and all that good stuffs.
  2. I like your taste in music. ;)
  3. Primus sucks.

  4. Ive been listening to my Wu-Tang station all day while I worked on my growbox.

    It plays a lot of nas and big and all the singles that members of the Wu came out with.
  5. nice, i haven't started putting in my R&B/Rap stations yet. :wave:
  6. Don't use Pandora, but I use

    If you have the right music player, it will automatically send the songs you listen to to, where they use that to suggest new bands (I've found so many great bands through this) and listen to the bands you have, as well as those suggested (and any other band that you haven't listened to/been suggested) on their internet radio stream, where you can even skip songs when listening to their radio...

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